Monday, January 12, 2009

MY finger(s)

no, i am not going to show you the finger, because a good news is here!!!

BTN is postponed for us~~
That means that we'll have a more relaxed schedule for our class tests, and need not risk our marks for the class tests, need not skip classes. Although to be honest, i was willing to go for it after the weekend, cause i was thinking of where i could go for holidays during may if i completed my btn. cheap air asia flights~~~rofl~~~~

Anyways, I had wanted to post this quite some time ago after i heard this from devi.
What i am going to show u is this, my fingers.

Observation 1 : my fingers are without nail polish i.e i don't go for manicures nor pedicures, nor do i buff my fingernails.

observation 2: it's my right hand.

observation 3: my fourth finger is longer than my second finger.

Observation 3 is REALLY important! Why?
Because devi told me that if the fourth finger is longer than your second finger, on your right hand, your testosterones are more.

Hypothesis (taken from a website):
"So hold up your right hand and have a look at your second or index finger - the one that you point with. Then compare it to your fourth finger - the one next to the little finger. Here's the big question - which finger is longer, the fourth finger or the second finger?

Here's the deal for men. If the fourth finger of your right hand is longer than your second finger, then you are probably a super spunk, a stud-muffin, a testosterone tiger.

On average, you (with the longer fourth finger) will have a higher sperm count, a higher level of testosterone, and a lower incidence of germ cell failure -where you have a zero or very low sperm count. You'll probably be good fatherhood material.

But for women, it's the other way around. Women who had a fourth finger shorter than their second finger would have higher levels of various female hormones such as oestrogen, prolactin and luteinising hormone."

How so?
It's a proven research conducted that states that the genes related to our fingers are also the same genes for our hormones. so there.

Conclusion: i have more testosterones than a normal female and i am a "testosterone tiger". rawr to that!!!!


york said...

mine is the same..gosh...

WenYi said...

rofl...then u're the testosterone

milochel said...

jia lat lo... :( :(

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