Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY mood

GonG Xi Fa Chai~~~

I'm so in the holiday mood~~ My relatives from singapore came down on the eve of CNY and for the past few days, we were all preoccupied playing wii, and playing more wii. LOL~

Wii is the word which brings a sparkle to my little nephew's eyes.
When my mum asked him,
"You wanna go back to our place to play some wii?"

He puts up this little cheeky smile, and without saying yes, we all know what he means.
Once he gets to my house, he bathes ASAP, and seats himself in front of the tv, and gets ready for some Wii action. LOL~

And being the youthful me, I accompanied him in playing wii, and half the time, i look like i'm praying to "Ti Gong" i.e shaking the wii remote up and down exactly the way you go to the temple to get those little sticks with numbers. LOL~

Anyways, the highlight has gotta be shopping at times square. Shopping in times square is always tempting. So many RM25 only shops, then there's even RM10 only shops. ^^

I am serious. It's so tempting, that my cousin sister bought 4 dresses, 1 blouse, 3 bags. LOL~

I'm gonna go out soon, hehe...I should be finalising my cancer report, but....the holiday mood has gotten onto me. Not to mention an addiction towards the well-known TVB drama Gem of Life~~

Btw, for laughter, I was watching this Mandarin movie called "Mei Lan Feng" the famous opera singer. And the subtitles sucked like hell. For example,

Ping Ping An An = Flat Flat Anne Anne
Wei (hello when on the phone) = Feed

Yes, the amazing translation of a not so original DVD! *cheers to that* LOL

Okies, to end this post, lemme give u something ANG ANG~~~


milochel said...

eiii.. i'm trying to find the dress that u all bought for renly for her bday wan... the white one.. but i'm trying to find a black one... u all rmb which shop ar??

btw, i DIN KNOW YOU HAVE WII IN YOUR HOUSE!! *rushes over to wenyi's place*

WenYi said...

ahhh....i saw plenty that day. rofl. rm25, u mau? next time i pergi i belikan. lol, it's the rm25 "quan chang" shop lo....3rd floor ada, 6th floor also ada....

haha...mari mari to my house~ *plays wii with milochel*

milochel said...

oh but can't try horr... hmmm nvm la ... see when i go i go tgk tgk myself la .. :) sked see thru lik the white one nia ..:( :(

youzhuan said...

hehhe... wii is cool!
yea, i m in such a jolly good holiday homey mood, i wish cancer can just ...hmm, not right after cny???
eh milochel? hehe, i saw the black one also, months ago... but dun think stil got eh? so long edi..
rm25 cannot try that time..

WenYi said...

haha...yz, no need to try also nvm one, it's stretchable.. haha...ya, still got, i saw it the other day, plus there are so many rm25 shops, sure can find one..hahaha

milochel, you tried the size before ma, all "same same" one, haha, black should be okay black bra lo...wakaka...

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