Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pineapple tarts...

Pineapple = Ong Lai

Ong means ong lah~~ LOL...

Being the superstitious feng shui believer I am, no lah, jz joking ;p (I don't believe in feng shui all that much) but my mum had bought ready-made pineapple jam this year. I had initially promised her that I would help her bake some cookies this CNY, but due to the overwhelming-last-minute-announcement on the BTN camp 2 weeks ago, my weekends were spent studying my-ass-off. *ahem* maybe I didn't study my ass off, but I was studying time to bake cookies wat-so-ever.

So..this led to Peas baking Pineapple tarts today =) And btw, baking saves money. Pineapple tarts cost a lot if you purchase it outside you know!!!! LOL....

First, Peas googled for pineapple tart recipe. I got one recipe from Devi, but it's about the same =) So I used the one I got online.

Second, Peas copied down the recipe, and followed it bulat-bulat.
I got mine here but just in case you're lazy, here's the recipe for the pastry. The pastry is quite crispy =)

250 gm butter, cut into little squares
400 grams flour made up as follows:
300 gm wheat flour,
50 gm cornflour,
30 gm custard flour
20 gms milk powder
2 tablespoon of caster sugar
1/2 tsp of salt
2 egg yolks

Well, despite the fact that instructions told me to use this tool,
To make stripes like this....

I didn't. Not because I didn't have the tool, but simply because when I tried doing so, the pastry broke into pieces. It literally crumbled even before I could wrap the jam around it = ='' I only made 3 non-broken stripes, and it came out really crispy. But I was lazy, so I used my own method. Peas flattened the pastry, and cut the pastry into slices, one by one. And that was repeated till I finally finished using the 400g of pastry, and completed baking more than 100 pieces of "ong lai" tarts.

The jam and the pastry I made.

The first 2 trays I made^^

Bottled up "ong lais"

As I wanted to blog about my pineappple tarts, some of the tarts were still inside the oven, and 7 tarts ended up like this. = ='' looked really bad, but it tasted real nice. Really crispy!! LOL...even the edges of the pineapple jam was crispy. LOL~~~~~~

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