Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Lately, this one song has been running in my mind.

It's a korean song, called Gee, sung by a group of girls called Girls Generation.
When I first heard it, I wasn't that into it, but after hearing it several times (while in the IMU's Ball President's car. *note: this song is repeated several times within one journey back to Klang*) I had to admit, the catchy tune got into me~~
And the next thing I knew, I was humming the song half of the time...but unfortunately for me, carrots doesnt like the song one bit. He says it's nosiy.... *sobs*

Next, I was shown the video to the song, along with all the cute dance steps and of course tall-lanky-leggy-fair-cute korean chicks~~

I was left dumb-founded wondering how those girls can be so darn tall, and leggy and cute all at the same time!

Thus, I began my daily mini-exercise regime, which consists of watching tv while playing with the hula-hoop, in hopes that my big fat thighs will reduce to the stick thin I mean leggy legs those korean chicks have.

Okay, maybe my legs aren't that fat, but it could be thinner right? like you zhuan's long sexy legs^^

So, other than having long legs in my checklist, I wanted to look cute. So I was left wondering how to achieve such "cute-ness".

I had a few BAD BAD experiences when I tried to act cute. And in those cases, ppl always tell me

"cute is NOT you"

or in other words

I am not the cute cute type of girls. *sigh*

HOWEVER, hope lighted up my day when I read this forwarded mail by Cucu a few days back where this girl was nicknamed "transformers". LOL~

Why so?As you can see, she transformed from the girl in the left to the CUTE girl on the right!

Yes, I was like OMG, is it even possible?
Well, then it showed the step by step make up techniques required to turn someone un-cute, to someone cute. *peas ponders*

So, technically speaking, if THAT girl can become so cute,
Why not me??? hahaha........

I have this old picture of mine taken way back in sem 1, which is like 2 years ago!!!

Cute or not? LOL~~~~

Yes, that girl, is me.
But I know I don't look like that all the time.
I still remember what Ray, my batch mate said when he saw that picture,

"HUH, that's you???"

OMG, I got a feeling that I can be the next transformer!!!
Peas Power~~~~ *Peas transforms with magical music at the back*


milochel said...


i like wenchin's legs though...

WenYi said...


wuu...wen chin's legs~~~ *imagines*
hmm, kind hard coz she seldom shows her legs, lol ;p

but you zhuan on the other hand always wears shorts when she goes out..*ngek ngek ngek*

youzhuan said...

i just notice the comment here...
yes, i m fond of wen chin's legs too... went mini skirt shopping with her once, man....she has a great pair...
by the way, is your president like obsess? play so many times.. and then he's like really into korean songs...

WenYi said...

omg, you zhuan~~~ u're a stalker!!! hahaha ;p

hahaha, yes, he is a little bit obsessed, lol~ and i sent the song to chinyik as well, she likes it too~~ wahahahaha~~

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