Friday, March 06, 2009

A day at the hospital~

A day at the hospital to "clerk" a case, has been saddening.

Saddening because I found out that there's about half a million things which I do not know.

Yes. I have never been good in remembering drugs, but being reminded of that fact every time the lecturer asks us a question regarding the case, makes it even worse.

Although it was pretty fun to look at the patients and seeing how the hospital operates, but sitting down, figuring whether there's anything wrong, or potentially wrong with the case, is plain sadness.

This sadness boils down to the fact that this is the FIRST time we, Mpharmers, are sent to the hospital. *shhhh* better not let the uni knows, if not, our juniors will be sent for hospital attachments from sem 1 itself! LOL~~

Anyways, this will be part of what I will be facing in the future.
Itu ialah masa depan.
So the point is, worry later~~~~~

I shall go chill for now, and aim to pass this coming eos so that I can enjoy my short 13 months in scotland~~~~~ lalalalaa

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