Saturday, March 14, 2009


Whee~ I got my prom dress^^
It was on discount, which made me even happier~

Exam-wise, don't worry, as long as I pass I'm gonna get through to Scotland.

I did a medical check-up for JPA, and one of the tests was the Mantoux Test to test for tuberculosis = =
I already had my bcg, and I still needed to pay rm65 for that jab = =''

And I jz found out that medical expenses aren't cheap *sigh*
I brought RM250 to the medical centre, thinking it'd be enough to cover the 4 simple tests that I did. In the end, the bill came to Rm290.45.

I was like, "how much????"

RM290.45 came the reply.


Feeling half-dumbfounded by the expensive fee, and half of embarrassment, I said
"I'm sorry, I didnt bring enough cash, could you wait a moment."



Anonymous said...

The hospital let u off without paying d balance of Rm40.45? How kind...

WenYi said...

hahaha...of course it didnt, i waited for my dad to bring me the extra cash...rofl

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