Sunday, March 08, 2009

I am still fussin over my prom dress


I am still fussing over my prom dress.
Last night, I think I dreamt about prom dresses T.T

Then I bugged PohYee's boyfriend to figure out how her dress will look like. T.T
OMG~ I am like paranoid~

If i were half that paranoid about my studies as the dress, I'm sure I would be pulling my hair out and be half bald by now. *Imagines myself being bald.......scary betul*

And right before I slept off, I had to vent out my frustrations on facebook where I got comments asking me to wear nothing *sweats*

Well, if I wore nothing, the whole of IMU would think I went bananas~
And get some psychiatric student to diagnose me with some weird disorder~
Or worse still, some people will snap my birthday suit pictures and post it up the internet! And once the picture is up, people will make a big issue out of it.

For instance, Carrots told me the other day about a "drama" happening in UM: University Malaya, where the chinese girls wore some "revealing" clothes during an event, and were said to be "half naked" or separuh bogel. *sweats*

Anyways, since the main reason I am stressing over the dress is money,
Carrots said he wanna sponsor half...* nice* but i'm not gonna take it. I'm an egoistic being! wahahahaha!

Then this morning, I awoke to my mum by my bed, telling me to take some money from her to buy the dress and she left the money by my side * again*
Yes, but I feel a little bit erm...bad for taking her money.

So, if it's possible, I dont wanna use my mum's money. Still stuck with my prom dress obsession, I sat in front my laptop since the moment I woke up, till now doing things like:

- searching ebay for cheap clothes,
- reading forums on where to get nice clothes,
- I even resorted to watching online videos on how to make your own simple dress!!! *double sweats*

I am still undecided, I'm thinking that i'll alter the dress that I have now, and if THAT doesnt come out nice, I'll most likely go buy the dress~~~

Okay, back to mugging, that should be my main priority now instead of the dress...LOL~~


cucu said...

dun worry, i also havent bought!! we go sama sama to buy after exam, k?? we FLY after the briefing.. hahahaha..

WenYi said...

hahaha^^ okay~~~~ FLY~~~~~

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