Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just as I finally finalized the ball's booklet, and have a free weekend to spare,
it felt as if a part of me died.

I'm feeling a little lost, and confused.
Why so?

I don't even know. It's just a spur of sadness.
I think too much, and maybe, just maybe, I need too much.

If you'd a boyfriend, who hasn't seen you for 4 weeks, how would you feel?


Huey Ying said...

my longest record was almost 2 months.. =) cheer up girl..

WenYi said...

hahaa...2 months, that's really long.. haih, problem is my bf isn't even in another state. he's in pj only = =

renly said...

Be strong for now=) And don't think so much k.. U will be seeing him soon=)

WenYi said...

thanks renly =)

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