Saturday, April 11, 2009


the week flashed by a jiffy,
i seriously felt as if i didnt hv time for myself.

monday, i forgot what i did, i think chin yeong and sin ye came over to get their medical check up done, then they came over, and we headed out to pick up 12 imu-rians who were stuck doing hospital attachment in Klang. lol~ brought them out for a bak kut teh session, then brought them to jusco, whereby i bought a belt and a clutch bag, thanks to you zhuan's recommendation. lol, after that, cy, sinye and i met up with some incovarians, came back, had a mini pillow talk session with cy and sinye and thus slept really late.

tues, woke up late. went back uni after lunch. spent the afternoon trying to settle the booklet thingy, loads of logos were missing. came back late around 9pm. did more booklet work at home.

weds, went uni early. came back from uni with sinye and cy. spent another dinner with the 12 hospital attached ppl. came back, did more booklet work.

thurs, went back to uni with sinye and cy. helped out with the ball again. practised the ballroom dance which i am suposed to be doing. i am stiff, and bad in dancing. but somehow i had to dance = = i am dying~

firday, went back to uni again to become a judge for the prom king and queen event. finally got home a little earlier than expected. and then did more work.

finally, i have some time for myself. but now as I sit in front of the laptop, somethings feels missing.... @.@

and point to note: 4 weeks of peas not seeing carrots = =

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