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11-15 May 2009 : BTN Camp

Finally, Peas got her ass stuck on the chair, and her browser on Blogger.
It's a little back-dated, but I shall do a full post on the BTN Camp.

BTN = Bureau TataNegara

So BTN camp is mainly a camp for scholars who are going overseas. The objective is to instill patriotism within all scholars to ensure they stay "loyal" to the country i.e ensuring the scholars come back to Malaysia to fulfill their compulsory service with the government.

Look at the happy ppl in front of IMU, before leaving for BTN.
Note: JPA's bus came and pick us up *ngek ngek ngek*

There are actually MANY MANY BTN camps located around the nation, and we (the scholars from IMU) are lucky enough to be allocated to the BTN camp in Tanjung Rhu, Sepang.
It was a new camp, built using RM 2 million (I'm not sure how much it's built with, but it was beberapa million lah~) So the facilities were all good and new, the lecture halls were fully air-conditioned, so were the "wakafs" or little rooms we used for the LDKs (latihan dalam kumpulan). But the hostels were not, but there were ample fans which made it bearable and really comfortable at night (afternoons were tortuorus esp with the sorching hot weather in Msia now).

Basically, what we all did during the 5d4n camp was:

1. sit for five 2-hour lectures on Kenegaraan (or nationalism? lol >.<) It covers 4 chapters: Negara, Rakyat, Kedaulatan, and the other one i forgot. And then we're given 4 books on it, which we're supposed to study for a MCQ exam of 60 questions on the fifth day. BUT of coz, studying is unneccesary, really!

2. Had 9 sessions of LDKs or Group Activities
where were played mini games and had group discussions with our facilitators. (note: how fun the LDKs were purely depends on the facilitators you get. Some are more conservative and boring, some are fun and some are just plain harsh (esp when it comes to the chinese ppl. Some girls got asked "you mau balik China ke?" a few times.... hello, we're msian chinese, not china chinese. = =)

3. Complete a 2km run
It's a complusory run for all participants in which we're supposed to finish within 20mins. I completed mine at 15mins and 22seconds, not too bad eh? The view was pretty good whereby we passed by the seaside =) Yes, the campsite is right next to the beach. But we werent allowed to go soak and play at the sea :(

4. A series of physical tests
where one is tested on how many push ups you can do in 30s,
how many jumps on air while clapping ur legs together,
whether u can touch ur toes or the floor while standing,
whether u can balance urself on one leg WITH ur eyes closed,
how long you can hold ur breath and a few others. It was pretty entertaining and challenging =)

5. A KEMBARA trip, or more accurately shrub-trekking.
We had to go through this long path, where by we passed by an oil palm estate with LOADS of cow dung, several swamp areas which stink like hell, and passed through loads of little trees which were as tall as me!

5. And the highlight, has to be the ABSEILING!!
It was a 50ft tall building, and it was really creepy, esp if you fear heights, but thankfully no one got injured, the instructors were all good, and very professional, so worry not. You wont fall off and die *touchwood*

Here's some pictures to sum up my experience at Tanjung Rhu~~

one of our 6 meals a day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner and supper)
Being the good students that we are, we decided to dedicate our love to the nation by imitating the Tugu Negara during the time allocated for studying for the MCQ exam ;p

Sinye darling and I doing jump shots in front of IMU before leaving for BTN.
The four flowers posing in the LT hall~


cucu said...

hehehe.. finally this is up.. now i can link.. =P

Karen said...

haahahah finally rite
BTN is not really tat bad rite ? we went twice summo
all excited to come glasgow now ?

Wen Tak said...

hi wenyi, BTN is for all government servants.. not a priviledge for jpa scholars... :P might be a torture for jpa scholars.

WenYi said...

@ cucu: link linky^^

@karen: hahaha, it's not as bad as i had thought it would be. hahahaha~ yea, u guys went twice, must hv enjoyed it more right? ;p

haha..VERY excited^^ can't wait to start backpacking^^

@wentak: lol~ oh ya, i forgot, ALL government servants!!

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