Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 16: Ba Zhang

A day after coming back from BTN, Peas decided to take a break at home.
During the afternoon, her mummy asked her to help wrap "ba zhang" or chinese dumplings.

This time around, my mum didnt use the traditional ingredients, and added in "lap cheongs" or chinese sausages >.<
The ingredients!!!
pork, apparently the fatter the better
lap cheongs
rice, stir-fried with seasonings and red bean (i think)
artwork of my mum and i~

but too bad, it didn't end up as i hoped, in fact one came out looking like a rectangle instead of a triangle >.<
Note: These are one of the things i'll be missing when i reach Scotland. LoL~

SO, if anyone of my batchmates know how to prepare the ingredients, let me know! i will offer my not-so-good-dumpling-wrapping services in trade of 1 dumpling! LOL >.<


Waijane said...

Wenyi, can reserve one ba zhang for me??thanks...LOLZ

WenYi said... bros finished eating the ba zhang addy~~ lol~~~
maybe will make again >.<

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