Friday, May 29, 2009


Peas is glad that she has her friends around her.
She's happy that they are fun people to be with,
She's thankful to have them by her side.

May 26:Korean Bbq + Midnight Neway Session
We were supposed to head to One Utama to catch a movie, but as usual, Kher Lik got up late, so we arrived in One U a tad too late, so no movie. But as a compensation, we headed all the way down to Sri Hartamas to savour Korean BBQ.

After that, we dropped Qian Hui at Puchong and decided to go to Neway for a midnight karoke-ing session. Little did we know that a members' card was required for the promotional price of RM12 ++ (which actually amounted to RM22 per person because a compulsory tidbit charge was added into the bill = =) So, we travelled all the way to Subang to get the member card from a friend, and ended up singing till 3am at Neway Subang instead. = =''

But nevertheless, Peas learned that night, that Kher Lik and Chloe loves rapping. LOL.
In the end, Peas reached home at 5am >.<
and was later on bombarded by her mother, who was anxiously waiting for her to get home since midnight *i'm sorry ma~~~*

May 27 (morning) - Green Box Karaoke Session with Primary schoolmates
But, after less than 6 hours of sleep, Peas had to wake up and prepare to head to Green Box, Bkt Tinggi as she already planned this karaoke session with her primary school friends. >.<
Haha, during this karaoke session, Peas still had her voice with her, and was glad that all her primary school friend were "bananas" just like herself^^ haha~

May 27 (night) - A mini RZ girls gathering^^
Later that evening, Peas headed down to Sunway again for a gathering planned by her secondary darlings~ She's really happy as she got to see faces which she hasn't seen for a long time =) and very happy because they took the effort to make me such beautiful cards^^

Peas will treasure it!!!

I love you girls!!!!

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