Monday, June 01, 2009

May 30 - Convocation + Kuala Selangor Trip

Convocation, is a time where one celebrates their graduation. It's generally a ONCE in a lifetime thing, but for us (Mpharm students) we get THREE convocations!

One in Malaysia once we finish our "Phase 1" in IMU,

Second one : the official graduation in University of Strathclyde,

Third one: back in IMU again after completion of the whole degree course!

So, when the invitation was sent to me, I took one look, and saw that

1. the convocation was to be held in IMU's very own Auditorium,
2. I was to pay RM110 for the robe and a photo,

I decided not to go. And MAJORITY of my batchmates decided to skip as well.
BUT then, we got news that PohYee was the gold medalist (meaning the top scorer in our entire batch) I could not skip the hateful event anymore. LOL >.<
*congrats pohyee~~~*
Anyways, I only managed to take a few pictures as there were TOO many cameras around, so it's best to just let others snap the pics, and grab it from them later >.<
*the gold medalist and i*

*gian wan and I*

*Elaine and I*

And, I am glad that I did because I got a free chocolate from Ming Hui, Hui Shan, Jun Yan and Chii ChiiThe yummy chocolate which I gobbbled up( I was hungry!) after taking it's photo. ROFL *thank you chin yeong for reminding me to take the pic^^*
note: the book says microbiology! isn't it cute!
After the event, I tagged along with Pohyee's family for a sumptuous dim sum session at Damansara Uptown! After that, we went back to her sis place to chill a bit, before I took the ktm back to Klang~~~

Btw, Patas (the uruguary dude whom I met at Taman Negara) came over to Klang, and stayed in our place a couple of days. So, we brought him around to places we've never been. And that evening, it was Kuala Selangor!

First stop was Bukit Malawati. We paid RM2 per person, and took a ride on the tram up to the hill =)

*mummy and daddy*

*patas, dada and fei*

*me me me^^ ignore my bro with the constipated look behind*
The hill with "remains" of the fort which was taken down by the Dutch(the very first people who colonised Malaya) and a light house. And one more, the hill was infested by monkeys. Yes, monkeys who would eat long beans and come into close contact with humans.

*mama and baby monkey^^*

After that, we moved on to a restaurant along the fishing village to try their seafood.
And it lived up to it's name! It provided fresh seafood for a reasonable price! *thumbs up*
After dinner, we headed to the fireflies village. Apparently there a few boat ride providers, but the one I went to, was pretty disappointing. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, and the bloody pak cik who was in-charge kept saying:

" TAK boleh ambil gambar, NANTI denda RM500"
(You're not allowed to take pictures, if not you'd be fined RM500)

Bloody annoying. = =''

There were VERY few fireflies. Yes, they did light up the mangroove trees like christmas trees, but there were only those few trees with it, and the fireflies weren't moving much. And the boat driver didn't want to bring us closer to the trees. Instead we went pass the beautiful trees rather fast, and made a turn back to the jetty. It was a REALLY short trip but costed us RM12 = = what a rip off.....

Anyways, I think the fireflies are already extinct. Congrats to the developers for causing that to the environment. In the future, I'm sure they'd put on fake lightbulbs or LEDs on the trees so that they'd look like fireflies from far, and then still charge passengers RM 12 per ride = =''


renly said...

actually i heard from my dad the fireflies there are so rare now cuz ppl who went there kept catching them and even brought back BOTTLES of them..evil right..

mil0chel said...

u look lik ur mOM!!!

WenYi said...

hahaha....i look like my mum? that a good thin or a bad thing? hehe...
yea, very little fireflies~~~

dayah mizan said...

haha...same thought i had when i read the convo letter.auditorium + robe fees =P
hurmm...that patas is kinda cute.heee

WenYi said...

hahaha...dayah,, he is rather cute, and super tall! lol~

haha, yes, the robe was like mahal!!!!!!!

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