Friday, May 01, 2009


Peas was bored.

So she searched on you tube, for tutorials on how to change your hair color.
And the result of it is:

1. Blue-headed Peas! (scary?)

2. Green-headed Peas (pohyee's favourite colour, as well as to match the colour of the lovely flowers on my top^^)

3. Purple -headed Peas (something milder)
4. Blonde Peas + reddish brown headed Renly^^
(I decided we both should go re-dye our hair! ;p)
And now,
the original pic stolen from renly's facebook album.
Yes. I changed the lighting a bit, and added a border ;p

So, which hair colour suits me best?
a. blue
b. green
c. purple
d. blonde
e. none (they all look so badly editted *sobs*)

Peas wanna learn how to do a makeover using photoshop! Thank all the good things in life that youtube has free photoshop tutorial videos!

*extra note*
I choose this pic, coz I like it lah..
But for the next time, I'm gonna use a solo pic of....poh yee?? (since she only dyed her hair once, it'd be fun to see what turns out >.<)


milochel said...

blue and purple

WenYi said...

yea...i like purple as well^^ so nice! haha.....

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