Saturday, May 02, 2009

An unplannned 1 day trip on Labour's Day

Peas went to catch a movie yesterday morning.

The latest cantonese movie starring Edison Chen (the infamous dude who slept with so many pretty movie stars). I got two weird responses when I mentioned this movie.

Guy A: What? You're gonna go watch it? I don't think I'd dare to watch it.
Peas: Why?

Guy A: Cause I'm afraid that when I see Edison, I will see the girls he slept with instead.

Peas: @.@


Guy B: You know what?

Peas: What?

Guy B: Edison is my idol.

Peas: Why?

Guy B: What? You don't agree? How many ppl can brag that they slept with so many pretty girls?

Peas: @.@

Anyways, the movie was okay. Nothing much to shout about.

The highlight of the day was the unplanned trip after watching the movie.
PeiLi was talking about going to this place called Niu Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara,
and so we decided we should!

(Peas was having fun playing with photoshop and did all this^^)

1. on Arrival at NZX(Niu Ze Xui)
2. The girls decided to take pictures
More Pictures

More pictures
and of course, MORE pictures
So much so, that as we left NZX
We were greeted by this sight..
LOL >.<

Okay, the story didn't actually go in that flow. (Peas changed it a little to make it more interesting ;p) But the two guys DID get bored while waiting for us girls.

So now you know what girls do when they take a long time when they're out. *winks*

Finally, the guys were glad that the girls are ready to make a move.
But the day was still young, and we didn't know where to go.
Bunny suggested to go to lookout point to enjoy the scenery, and next thing you knew, we drove all the way there^^

We reached the place around 6.15pm. A little too early, but we managed to get a good seat with a great view to enjoy the sunset and the changes of the day....

Happy people!
Of course, now it's time for the guys to have some fun.
We girls, on the other hand, were enjoying the view...

That sums up my unplanned-one-day-trip on Labour's Day!

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