Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A little update~


Here's a little update on what's been going on in Scotland~

People don't go around playing bagpipes while wearing kilts, but we were lucky enough to catch these group of kids who were pretty talented in playing the instruments~~

During the weekend, we headed down to the Western side of Glasgow (my university is on the Eastern side) for a festival called the West End Festival.

Along the way to the park, we bumped into a Science festival being held at the University of Glasgow, and so we paid a visit, and took a picture in a lovely park right in the middle of their campus!!

After the visit to the university, we got hungry, and that was when I first saw the largest pizza for sale~

Yes, by comparing the pizza to my large face, you can tell that it's really really big! haha~ bigger than the large pizzas we get in Malaysia~~~That pizza costs 7.90 pounds~

Then, we headed to the park where the parade was to be held, and savoured our delicious pizza!!

There we saw some beautifully dressed ladies *whistles*

And enjoyed a whole load of other performances~

Visited the Kelvingroove musuem for free, where Peas saw this BIGGGG organ~~~(I don't play the instrument, but it was huge and beautiful!!! XD)

Then came the first day of class where we paid 100 pounds for the books below.. *sobs*

Yes, those few miserable books costed us 100 pounds i.e almost RM600 >.<
Horrifying indeed~~~ Classes are till 5pm every Monday to Friday.
It's pretty hectic, but we still get the time to cook, and blog like me ;p

There will be more to come~ We're keeping our fingers crossed so that we can go catch Transformers 2 on the big screen this Friday!! Whee~~~

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