Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm in Scotland!

Yes, this is technically my 3rd day in Scotland~~
But somehow I could only excess the internet today, thanks to the help of several helpful seniors! Thank you so much~~

Days have been passing by really REALLY fast ever since the moment we stepped into KLIA. We were rushed to doing our boarding pass and all, and the next thing we knew, we had to leave our family and head into the departure hall.

Peas and her family~

Then after a tedious 13 hour flight to London,

At london we took a bus to the other side of the airport...

followed by a 5 hours transit and an hours' flight, we arrived in Glasgow! Upon arrival, I saw the beautiful clouds and sky, and feel in love immediately! (Somehow I really love the sky, it looks extremely fake, but it's not, and the sky is soooo blue that it makes the clouds look super NICE! I shall stop talking about the clouds for now. hehe~)

The lovely view upon arriving in Glasgow

On arrival, we were greeted by our seniors and several staffs from the university, whom gave us our keys that led to our dorms.

My room, it the smallest among the 4 rooms for each apartment..*pouts*

But anyways, Peas doubt that the size of the room will matter~ And she's really thankful coz the bathroom is nice, so it the toilet, so is the kitchen, and so is the tv! Basically, the apartment is in good condition and it's always good to have the company of the golden flowers.

The flowers~
*pic was taken during the short trip given by our seniors on the day of arrival in glasgow*

btw, the weather is rather cold, something like Genting highlands (about 16 celcius on average) but the strong wind makes weather rather unbearable at times. My skin is getting a little dry, but hopefully it'll get better~

There's a couple of things I noticed in Glasgow:

1. scottish ppl are really nice.

Example: The 3 of us (me, renly and chinyeong) were taking photos, and a nice lady came up to us and asked:
"Would you like me to help you all take a picture?"

Of course, in Malaysia, we would have all went:
"what? you crazy ah? wanna steal my camera is it?"

But here in Glasgow, it's just something so natural for the Scottish ppl to do.

2. Things are cheap...Certain things...

Example 1: One bottle of 400g of hot chocolate powder (Tesco brand) costs us only 50 pence i.e RM3 at max...

Example 2: One can of tuna in oil = 37 pence i.e RM1.70

There are many other examples of how cheap things are, but my brain can't think right now. it's almost 2am here (there's a 7 hrs difference btw here and Malaysia..) so Peas need her sleep.

Will post updates when free^^

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Anonymous said...

ah yi!!! you didnt take your hand phone there? y never reply me? sob sob.. anyway glad that you are enjoying over there... i wanna go back glasgow too! sob sob

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