Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I know i'm supposed to study, but...

BUT, after switching on the computer, Peas got engrossed in facebook, uploading pics, and tagging ppl, and commenting on ppl's status updates, etc etc....then, she bumped into devi's page which linked to devi's twitter page.

That led Peas to twitter pages of other friends, and so Peas decided to get twitter as well *tweet tweet* And once she did, she started spamming on ppl's tweets. = ='' Anyways, Peas doesn't have any followers on Twitter yet. So sad. LOLz~~

Anyways, I felt that I did badly for FMT1's class test, but I soon got over it, as I realised it only accounts for less than 30% of the total marks, and I still hv my half-decent report to back up my marks. Hehe.....

The only motivation that I have now to study for FMT 2 is the fact that the paper is worth 30%~~

I posted on facebook saying that i feel that i did badly in FMT 1 class test, and obtained a variety of responses. Some wished me luck, some doubt what I say, and some say that I play too much, do I??? (even my brother told me I played too much when I "lectured" him to have a proper time management >.<)

Talking about playing, I woke up this morning with this stuck to my head...

"main, main, selalu!
Syoknya, syoknya,
Ada Mat Kool!"

the direct translation for that would be:

"playing, playing, all the time,
oh so fun, oh so fun, with mat kool!"

LOLZ...i think my BM is rusting!!!
That btw, was an extract of a commercial for an ice-cream called "Mat Kool" or more accurately the monkey is called Mat Kool.

*aww. I'm starting to miss Malaysia, the weather's so hot that eating ice-cream isn't one bit sinful*
But then again, Aldi (a local grocery chain store over here in scotland) was selling a 2 litre Napolitan ice-cream for 99pence, and my hse gobbled down two tube already. The third one is still sitting in the fridge. Weather's been a wee bit too cold for consumption :P

Back to story of me not studying.
See, I was brought up listening to songs that ask me play. How can I not play? XD
So there, my playing is justified! XD

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