Saturday, August 01, 2009

study hard~

My mind hasn't been on studying. Really.
It's always off some place else, getting distracted for the weirdest reason, and worse still dreaming of things which are wayyy off the boundaries of logic. lolz.

Anyways, Peas is done with 2 class tests~
One more class test to go,
one exemption exam *please let me pass through~~ pretty please*
two final exam papers on the 17 and 18th august respectively.

After that, it's gonna be a month full of travelling XD
Peas is gonna be off to Munich (germany), Paris (france) and rome, pisa, florence, venice, naples, capri and milan (Italy) and the smallest country in the world: Vatican City. *whee*

Although it's a little risky to be travelling with only 8 girls, we're street-wise girls okay? so no worries there =)

ps: i need a workout. I need to be able to wear my bikini when i go Rome and Capri! With my current fat deposits due to the long hours of sitting, i'm in no condition to wear it *sigh*


Li-V Wee said...

chin yeong gt attached?!!!!

WenYi said...

lolz...ur antenna quite BIG wor. hehe

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