Sunday, July 05, 2009

Of Vacations~

Come next Friday will be my FIRST class test for Pharmacy Practise 3(PP3).

For those who have never heard of PP3, it's a dreaded subject but many of our seniors, and is also the subject whereby students are allowed to resit for the exam more than once.
In other words, MANY students need more than 1 resit to pass the exam. And sadly, some seniors too have yet to pass their exam i.e they will be joining my batch on the proper exam on August for their 5th resit. Yes. 5th, i think....

However, I have yet to go through all the many prescriptions given to us during classes, nor have I sat down properly to study for it. Thankfully, the seniors told us this,

"Don't worry, it's normal for you to fail during the first few tries. In fact, I broke the record and scored -300marks!"

The exam is whereby each student is given 4 prescriptions and we are supposed to check whether the prescription is valid, and whether the dose of the drug is safe, whether there are any contra-indications btw drugs, and then dispense the item and counsel the patient. Plus, there's also the requirement for us to print labels and to keep records of each prescription completed. All that in 2 hours.

And to make matters more "interesting" there are several types of prescriptions given out in the UK such as a private prescription, an NHS prescription, an emergency supply, a veterinary prescription. It sounds confusing, but I hope I wont get too confused during the exam... >.<

Instead of boring you of my boring tales of my long hours of classes, I have a good news~
I'm going to London~~~

Yup, Peas will be off to London with her friends (total group of 14ppl) by bus, on the night of 16th July~ Will be back on the 20th~ and post up some pics^^

Till then, Peas hopes to study >.<

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aichiban said...

ahhh, dun forget the Oxford Road

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