Friday, July 03, 2009


I had two cups of coffee today.
One in the morning, and one during lunch, just to make sure I don't doze off during class.
And it worked. Peas didn't sleep in class today. Maybe it's the coffee, or maybe it's the fact that the weather here in Glasgow is getting a wee (little) hotter than before.

*Scottish ppl use wee in replace of little*

For example, instead of saying a little confusing, they say a wee bit confusing.
Confused? Don't be. They're not asking you to go wee-wee ;p

Anyways, back to story.

Yes, it's a little warmer than when we first arrived. The classroom was stuffy and rather uncomfortable. For us Malaysian students who were accustomed to heat, it was still bearable. But for the local Scottish lecturer, it was VERY hot.

Our lecturer kept giving us short break in between lectures because she had to leave the classroom for some fresh air. So maybe that's another reason why I didn't fall asleep >.<

Other than getting short breaks, I have been having itches around my body, which I suspect is due to my body being "yit hei", so I had one big cup of "ho yan hor" herbal tea after dinner just now. Bad idea that was.

Two cups of coffee + one cup of herbal tea = Caffeine overdose

So now, i'm wide awake. Insomnia is certainly depressing.

I tried to sleep, and ended up with all sorts of thoughts.

Thoughts of my coming class tests (which I have yet to prepare for.)
Thoughts of home and my family members.
Thoughts of my coming London trip on 17th July.
Thoughts of why I think so much.
Thoughts of being so alone despite being surrounded by friends.

There's too much thought.
And thought's to words are the best way I can convey my feelings now.
Somehow I feel like I've lost the ability to communicate = =''
But don't worry, blogging is therapeutic. I'm feeling much better already. Really.

As a sign off, I shall leave a picture of the Lemon Chicken that I cooked the other day.
Thank you mum for cooking this at home (so I know the basics to cook this)
and thank you google for hosting the abundant recipes that I will be using now and in the future;p

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