Friday, August 14, 2009

It's been awhile~

Peas is back from PP3 : Exemption exam, where'd EVERYONE is hoping really hard that they'll get exempted. But that requires a mark of 70 and above i.e we can only get 30 marks off for 5 prescriptions~~~~ *prays hard, lemme get exempted...please....pretty please....*

Anyways, it feels like awhile since I got in touch to the local news in Malaysia, so I went to the Star and saw this tagline.

Patriotism is a virtue for the beaches.

I was shocked. did it jz say patriotism is a virtue for the B*tches?

Click here to see:)

Amusing eh?
Alrights, that's all for now. Time to study for FMT~
I need a really "geng" filter so that i can retain all the data!!!
Better still, I wanna hv a SELECTIVE filter i.e one that can select the important data and retain them!!! So it's time to start pouring in the data for my filters to start working :)

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