Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm very lazy, really. I told myself to study hard. Like really hard.

But somehow I ended up downloading songs using Kuguo (a programme that automatically gets the lyrics for songs and has a P2P downloading facility as well). That night, I stayed up till almost 3am, singing songs, and downloaded almost 100 songs @.@

The next night, I told myself, to off the laptop, which I did. But I got sleepy before 12pm, and slept off *sigh*

Yesterday night, the same thing happened, and I told myself to wake up early to study. But the cold Glasgow weather is too comfy for me to get up.. the nice warmth from the duvet was jz too much to handle. lolz.

And the bagpipes are still playing occasionally:)
I finally got a picture of them :)
This dude was sitting on ANOTHER dude with a bagpipe, right outside my window. lolz.
Ain't he cute? lolz~
I studied a bit, then it was time for dinner. We had this the other night :) so homely eh?
I am really thankful for the creators of ready-made powdered herbs that made the chicken possible :)

After dinner, it was time to study, but the sky was jz lovely..that I sat there admiring the sky instead of admiring the data given in FMT 1 and 2 *sigh*

As I was reading my FMT 2, I finally knew why I scored to little. More than half the things I studied were already gone *double sigh* My retention power is really bad.

It's like sieve analysis for particles.
Data from books are like particles.
Some ppl have filters which have SUPER small pore sizes, thus retaining all the particles.
Mine is as big as a fish net. All the particles feel right through the filter @.@

And Renly informed me that we're supposed to get a minimum of 50 for all 3 subjects to enter th year @.@ *prays really hard, lemme passs through please*


wen chin said...

the sieve-memory analogy is so funny! hahaha.
ganbateh! :)

WenYi said...

haha...thanks wen chin :)
gambateh to you too~~~

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