Monday, August 31, 2009

An update before a looooooong trip~

It's been two weeks after my last exam, so technically I've had almost 2 weeks of break. And these two weeks flashed by faster than the exams period. I basically sleep a lot, and sit in front of the laptop a lot, and am getting lazier by the day.

In fact, I feel lazy to do almost anything, including blogging *sigh*
So here's some short updates on what I did during this past few days.

Post exam, Peas had had a delicious lunch @ Yates along Sauchiehall Street.
Halfway thru lunch, we saw smoke billowing out the building right opposite the restaurant. A few minutes later, the street was packed by 3 firetrucks. *the firemen here are extremely efficient, one call and they'll be there within a jiffy!*

Being the busybody that I am, Peas went out and snapped a few pics of the firemen in action. The picture below shows the firemen sealing up the area.
Then, the brave firemen went in, and started opening the windows of the building to let the smoke out. A few moments later, they sprayed water out the building!
During this period, Peas baked muffins as well :)
Peas along with Pohyee made cheesecake~
Peas went to a club called Garage, and the following is the entrance of the club.The place looks cool, but the music was not to our taste. The dj wasnt good-looking ;p and they played music which we have never heard we left early. lolz..

We also tried to have a nice outdoor bbq,But too bad, the gloomy UK weather forbidded us from successfully doing so :(
So in the end the bbq ended up an indoor makan-ing, singing, and grilling the leftover session. lolz~

Then yesterday, Peas had to wake up the earliest yet to grab a cab to head to a car boot sale.
A nice pic of us in the cab~ Its something like a pasar-pagi or a flea market, where the local people literally open up their car boots and sell things. Peas got herself a nice white blouse, a bathrobe and a bunny ear!!! haha~~~ Of coz during these few days, she got some other stuff, will post them up too :)

Anyways, Peas will be off for a very long time. She'll be off on the night of the 2nd and only be back in Glasgow on the 23rd of Sept. Lolz. Let's hope that I will be able to survive and enjoy the 21 days of vacation to the max! Get ready for an overload of pics from Munich, Paris, Rome, Vatican, Pisa, Florence, Venice, Naples, Capri and Milan^^

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