Wednesday, October 07, 2009

21 days of trip~

It's been a loooooooooong time since I last updated. I am so sorry dear blog, but I've been procrastinating ever since I got back from the long trip I had.

I am kinda lazy to type out my daily experiences of the places I've been for the past 3 weeks, thus I'm gonna put up a pic of each places that I've been :)

Munich, Germany:
It's unique to me as everyone speaks German. If renly's bf, Kenneth, wasn't around with us, I know we'd end up having severe culture shock. Haha.

See my pic with two big glasses of beer? That's a 1 liter jug and that's what everyone orders.
The next pic is a picture of BMW World, a really impressive feat for BMW. Haha.

Neuschwanstein, Germany:
Neuschwanstein is actually the name of the white castle. It's apparently the castle which inspired the Sleeping Beauty's castle. The area is very near the Bavarian borders and hosts a magnificent scenery :)

Ulm, Germany:
A really small town in Germany. Really nice and has the world's tallest church!

The leaning tower wasn't as leaning as I thought it was :(

Disneyland, Paris:
Loads of fun, and it really is a magical place that made me feel young at heart. Wait, I am still young ;p

The city itself was beautiful, but the Eiffel Tower, esp by night, is just breathtaking! I love the way it sparkles in bright gold. And when the light show came on, it was just amazing.
Plus, I also had the opportunity to meet up with Jerome (my facebook pen friend) who is the NICEST guide I have had :)

Rome was a city that has a LOT too see. 3 day in the city wasn't enough~~ Will be back for more if given the chance (and if my financial status has improved ;p)

It's kinda a small place which we could hv easily covered in a day, but at least it houses the many naked statues of David ;p

Seina, Italy:
A town in the Tuscany region which pohyee, chin yeong and i decided to drop by while the other girls headed to Pisa. I didn't regret it one bit. It was a lovely ancient town with old buildings, and less crowded compared to Pisa :)

Venice, Italy:
A whole city above the waters. (kinda reminded me of Pulau Ketam) but of course, Venice is 200% better. Haha~ buildings were nice, atmosphere was nice too :)

Naples, Italy:
It's the city with the worst ppl. Local Napoli ppl act as if they've never seen asian girls before. They stare at us, as if we're some aliens, and worst still, the guys are either very mean looking, or they would be very "ham-sap" looking = =''

But thankfully, we meet a really nice local Naples citizen, Roberta (as seen in red above) who was one of the two tour guides we had during our final day in Naples. They showed us the city without the dangers of being disturbed by the not-so-friendly locals :)

Capri, Italy:
Capri island was beautiful. But I still love the beaches in Malaysia :)

Milan, Italy:
Our last stop of the trip. The city has to be the nicest city in Italy. Nice in the sense that it's very modern and the buildings reminded me of Paris:)

After the trip, was a few days of reverting to a lazy-mode-lifestyle again before hitting classes of the new semester. Now it's towards the second week of the semester, and I've already had my first session at lab for my final year research project >.< I know an early start would be good, but I'm having a hard time trying to kick start those lazy cells. haha~~

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