Monday, October 19, 2009

A great week~

I am really thankful for this semester. Classes aren't as packed as the previous semester. And we've got more time to chill around. So basically that was what I did ever since the new semester began. Though technically speaking I should be studying and going through loads of journals for my final year project :p

(My final year project is related to solid crystals (not those swarovski crystals...) it's solid powders with different crystallinity, bla bla bla.... and my group is one of the first who have already started on their lab work. So i should hv been reading a lot to gain more insight on what i'm doing in lab now, but somehow this week has been one activity packed week...)

Monday - went for Body Attack (a really fun aerobic workout of 45mins) then went for dinner @ a chinese malaysian restaurant called Asia Style to celebrate a friend's bday.

Tuesday - Pharmacy Pub crawl!!!!!!!
it was one crazy night whereby all pharmacy students from year 1 to 4 can join. The organizers chartered 2 double decker buses which brought us to 5 diff pubs/club. The theme was rubic cube colours, and the idea was to start with 6 diff colours on ur body and to switch ur items with diff ppl at each stop till u end up with only one color in the last club. Since the majority who joined were the local homestudents, it was really entertaining as it was an eye-opener to see how wild they got that night! haha~
Friday - a night at the Student union to hv a look at a mini-version of Octoberfest, followed by a cocktail party @ a friend's place.

Student Union is actually part of the university's buildings, but its catered for students activities. And they hv cafes, bars, and even a club in the Union itself.
That night, there was a German band who came over to play some traditional German Music, and they were dressed vibrantly in yellow and red.

Throughout the night, they got the ppl to stand on chairs and give a big fat cheers in German! Haha...
So of course, Peas joined in the fun as well~ There's nothing nicer than being "denda" to "berdiri di atas kerusi" and to drink, right? ;p
And for your information, this pic below shows a vendor machine in the female toilet in the student union. Ironic isn't it? A student building selling items that promote ahem..18sx activities. lolz...
And of course, after the Octoberfest, yz and I headed for the cocktail party @ a very enthusiastic batchmate's house. The guy bought all the liqour, and even the cups and glasses, and sold his cocktails to those who wanted drinks...hahaha
Let's just say, I had a drink or two, and had a really nice night~ haha
Saturday - Ser Yiing's Bday
The day was spent preparing Chocolate banana cake, which we had to bake twice, as the recipe wasn't enough. Haha..thus we ended up with two cakes: one small and one big one for the bday girl. Hehe :) After the potluck at the bday girl's hse, it was followed by a afterpaty at a local club. Another late night...lolz....

So that pretty much sums up the week! *woots*
Will try to put my nerdy mood on for the following week :)

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