Monday, October 26, 2009

I have 25 hours in a DAY!!!!


It's my first time in my life having 25 hours in a day! I had totally forgot that daylight savings was supposed to begin (or was it end this morning) and I had set my alarm on my phone at 9,30am.. I switched on my lappie, and realised that the time was 8.32am. It then hit me hard that..I have an extra hour to kill today! *whee*

But then again, the extra hour has been spent doing lots of random thing, such as:

-putting icing on the 4 cakes that I baked
- curling both Devi's and Renly's hair for the Diwali open house
- attending the Diwali celebration till 6 in the evening

Came back from the Diwali celebration, and realised the sun had already set, and it looks like it's midnight outside, but the clock only shows 9pm >.<

Okay, let's end this post with some of the pictures I grabbed from other friends on facebook cause I didn't bring my camera :'(

Yummy desserts bought by a local homestudent for the open house!

Lovely peacocks done by Siva! The peacocks look amazing don't they?

The asian homestudent who brought his set of mahjong in the middle, with the two girls looking at how the game goes. Haha. It was pretty interesting. And you can see a bit of me in the picture (see the girl on the far left with a cup in her hand? that's me teaching a local homestudent how to play ;p)

The pretty saree that Devi lent me, and huey ying looking lovely in her cheongsam :)

And a group pic of the girls (somehow my face looks distorted! I blame facebook for that!!! )


mil0chel said...

how on earth can you blame FB for ur distorted face ?

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

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