Monday, December 14, 2009

Updates (finally)

Sorry bloggie, I missed out on updating you in November! I know I should update you at LEAST once a month, but yea, I've been getting lazier due to the weather~

It's getting so cold out here. I just checked a minute ago, it's -2celcius right now. Something that we never had in Malaysia. Lol~

It's so cold that layering is sometimes never enough.
The days are getting shorter, I think we're getting less than 10 hours of sunlight now. While when we first arrived to Glasgow, we had less than 8 hours of darkness! How ironic. But that just makes me even grateful and strikes me in the face that I am indeed thousands of miles away from home.

Well, enough of emo stuff. Let's talk about what I've been doing over the past month up till today.

Nov 4:
We paid a visit to Chukoku, a nice chinese buffet restaurant to celebrate a friends' birthday^^ The food was rather nice, but MSG-filled thus leaving us thirsty the rest of the day~ But nevertheless, I still managed to down 3 plates + 1 dessert!

Nov 5:
Remember, remember, the 5th of November.
That's the famous saying for Guy Fawkes Night .
It's a day to commemorate a historical gunpowder night wayy back in 1605, and so forth. Full story can be obtained from Wikipedia cause I really have no idea what it's all about. But the thing we all knew, was that the locals had a great celebration by showing off beautiful fireworks that night!

Nov 8: Post-Halloween party because we missed out on the actual Halloween on 31st due to the Notthingham Games. I had wanted to dress up as a cute white kitten (like those anime like with big fluffy ears and paws! But somehow decided to try to be a "HOT" vampire.) The pic below is my best shot in attempting to be "HOT". LOL~~

Nov 13-17 : Ireland Trip

We bought cheap airtickets to Ireland for 5days! And when I say cheap, I mean cheap!!! The return air tickets from Glasgow to Ireland costed us 5.01 pounds per pax i.e around RM30, which was a bargain! And plus, the accomodation was cheap :D

We visited the capital of both Republic of Ireland (Dublin), and the capital of North Dublin, UK (Belfast), as well as making it out to the coastal sides of Ireland such as Wicklow, Glendalough, Derry and the Giant Causeway!

Nov 28: A one-day trip to Stirling + my pre-birthday surprise

It was a weekend called Homecoming Scotland, whereby many of the historical sites in Scotland provided FREE entrance fees!! I being the "kiam" person that I am, convinced my housemates and the other house of boys to head down to Stirling. We visited the Stirling Castle which charged an entrance fee of 9pounds per pax on a usual day :D

The bunch of people who were hiding in my house when we came back! I shall always remember that night as I shouted my lungs out when I freaked out to see ppl in my dark kitchen! lol~

Dec 8: Christmas Ceilidh!

Paid 5 pounds to take part in this event, which was VERY pricey!!! But oh well, it was a day to dress up and get all christmassy~~~ hehe^^

Btw, me red top was bought from! LOL^^
Lately I've been obsessed with ebay! Buying quite a few items till today. I've got a cheap earphone, a christmas hat, a pair of shoes, a pair of boots, a white skirt, and 3 tops (including the red one~~)

Dec 11: Christmas party @ TCC D8

My housemates and I sat together and decided to organize a nice simple christmas party before everyone leaves Scotland for the christmas break! Hehe~~

And it was a pretty fun night because we had put up lovely decoration, which is still out in the living area~~

Our little christmas tree, rented from the residents of C1 who got it from their seniors~

See the snowflakes hanging from the red and green ribbons? we got them all from the 1 pound shop, making the total cost of decorating the place 3 pounds

We had great food that night, thanks to everyone who came~
So that basically sums up the whole of November (except pictures of me going to lab every week as well as minus the pictures of me studying in my room for a 50% class test).

Anyways, the christmas holidays have unofficially began and I'm gonna be heading off the Belgium and Germany come the 21st~ I would be away for 12 days then~~ So pray hard that I'll have the energy to update you again then! Hehe^^

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