Thursday, August 26, 2010

Graduation in IMU

I'm officially a returning graduate of IMU as of August 21st, 2010 :)

It was a day whereby my parents and friends where beside me.
To be honest, graduating twice for the same degree isn't that fun. In fact it's quite a waste of money :S But at least my parents got to see their first child and only daughter on stage getting her scroll :)

I'll the pictures do the talking instead :)

My parents and I at the start of the day. (Note: only one bouquet of flowers)

My parents and I again after the ceremony. Note: Three bouquets of flowers :D
I was a happy girl, and my first and only time receiving so many flowers within a day >.< *I am a blessed girl indeed*

My housemates throughout my university life are indeed the most important friends that I have made so far. They've lived with me for years, withstanding my tempers, through thick or thin, happiness or sadness.

Yes, if they weren't all attached and if I were a GUY, I'll marry them all :p

From left to right: Me, Poh Yee, Chin Yeong and Renly

Yes, I am a greedy happy girl with my three bouquet of flowers. LOL. While Poh Yee poses with her super-angelic look here, but truth be told, that's a mask :P *shhhhh*

Also, I've got my secondary school friends to thanks for being there on my memorable day~

From left to right: Pei Li, Soo Hui, Me and Benjamin.

They've been great friends over the years, since the days I entered high school till today. That makes our friendship more than a decade old! (Yes, that's how old I am :P )

Here, are the Incovar-ians who came and made the day memorable as well :)
From left to right: Sin Hui, Sin Ye, Me, Kenny, Feb's friends, Febrianna, Ming Yi, Ai Xin, Michelle & Yong Wei

(Incovar is a camp for youths and runs twice every year. It is opened for everyone who wants to meet new friends and learn more about Buddhism at the same time. I've joined two Incovar camps to date and I never regretted joining them. In fact I learned a lot, and made loads of friends :) So to those who are interested, do join their camps :)

And yes, similar to the graduation in Glasgow, a picture of the 8 "housemates" of D8 and C1 is a MUST! Yet again Choong Lii is missing in action, but we've substituted him with Kayin instead :p

From left to right: Poh Yee, Ah Ken, Renly, Choon Hau, Me, Cheh Hsia, Chin Yeong, & Kayin

Graduations are never complete without taking this picture :)
The throwing of the mortarboard :)
The happiness that comes with throwing an unbreakable hat is unexplainable :)
At the first throw, I was anxious.
At the second throw, the hat seems lighter.
At the third and subsequent throws, it feels like a sport whereby the winner is the one who throws the highest. LOL~

And as the hats fall onto the ground, we're all smiles :)

I LOVE this picture a LOT!
It speaks a thousand words.
Just looking at the facial expression of my friends brings a smile to my face.
Some were staying away from the hat, one was "dancing", some were like me = smiling till my eyes were all squinted to a line, some were trying to reach for their hats, while by standers look at the hype that's happening :)

To end this post, here is me, looking like an OL (Office lady) with all the gifts from loved ones :)

Just for laughs.

Today as I was removing the graduation bears which came with the flowers I received, I noticed something peculiar about the bears. They were all sodomised :( Poor bears~

Look at this little white bear..A poor victim of sodomy..

And this "winnie the pooh" got it worse! Three holes~~ Poor thing indeed...


renly said...

me heart u too!!!

And poor bears!!!

WenYi said...

yea...poor bears right?? hehe~ sodomy kao kao :P

me <3 you~~~

CYeong said...

from seeing each others day and night until now everyone in respective hometown and going different hospitals after this.. i will definitely miss u gals!!!

and ya, poor pooh!!!

-JayLeo™- said...

pity bears T.T i wont notice their injuries if u didnt snap such pics XD

La abuela frescotona said...


WenYi said...

cy: me miss u too~~~~~~

jayleo: LOL, i didnt notice it too, until i took them out of the flowers, then i found it super funny. so i had to defend their rights >.<

-JayLeo™- said...

defend their rights ! hahahaha. [p/s: miss me too? lol. i'm also cy ><]

WenYi said...

LOL ching yih, dont perasan la :P I meant cy for chin yeong...hahhaa

and yes, i must defend the rights of the bears who got sodomized!! :p

-JayLeo™- said...

lol ! joking la XD XD those who hav cy as their initials r ppl worth to b missed =)

wenyi the bear saviour !

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