Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a random post

Well, after I nearly burned down the kitchen, my life is back to the normal days of bumming at home, doing nothing :P

Good news is that I will be starting work after Hari Raya :)
That means I have another 3-4 weeks of holidays :)

I am a little lazy to be updating about my daily mundane activities, so here's a picture which I took while I went down to KL last week.

I really love it <3
Maybe it's the black and white effect which gives it a tinge of sadness, or maybe it's just my love for the pouring rain :)

ps: I could really use a heavy shower today. The weather has been so HOT!!!


Michael said...

this picture is nice...

Show Me Your Look Today

WenYi said...

thanks michael :)

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