Saturday, September 04, 2010

Merdeka Eve Outing :)

Just the other day (on Merdeka's Eve) I was out ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid :)
Before we went to the skating rink, we filled our stomachs with McD. LOL I always head to McD for their Filet-o-fish.

Sherrine and I posing with our fries :D

Jeannette, Ah Ken and Sherrine
Finally it's the girl's turn to pose.

But, some guys skated past right in front of us really fast. And Ah Ken took this shot of me with my mouth wide. LOL...

Now this picture below is way better. At least my mouth ain't gaping wide. LOL.

More posing...LOL

Then after we're done posing and heading back to rest, Ah Ken took this pic.
And no...I am not "kap-ing" the guy in white pants...

Solo shot of Meow~

I haven't skated in ages so I had to "refresh" my memory on how to balance myself on ice, and even then I still freaked out. Even kids skate better than me *sigh* But still, it was fun having Jeannette, Sherrine and Ah Ken to keep me company. Hehe :)

LOL. This was the picture of the DAY! Ah ken being gay with the ladies bags :D

After skating, we walked around the mall and noticed that they decorated the center concourse area with the them of a ktm station. Yes. KTM station. LOL.

I think Pyramid must be secretly wanting a KTM station to be built directly in front of the mall so that it'll become more accessible to the public. And I definitely think that having a KTM station would benefit the public as well, because I had to take a public bus all the way from Klang to Pyramid and it was pretty inconvenient :S

A funny shot of me while waiting for Ah Ken to snap my pic. LOL
On the very same night, I went to Neway Centro, Klang for a night session of karaoke :)
And it came with a buffet dinner :)
Although the spread wasn't that fantastic, it did justice to my hungry stomach :D
Plus, they allowed us to switch our drinks to Kampai.

(note: To kids under 18: Please don't start drinking alcohol. To adults above 18: Please dont drink excessively and dont drink and drive.)

Overall, I had a great day out :)
But when I woke up the next morning, I saw this!

The horrors that would happen to an unskillful person after ice-skating = =


-JayLeo™- said...

funny shot on d rail tracks and i saw vern xi ! lol.

d last pic spoilt everything.

WenYi said...

lol...the last pic is my injury la..very ke lian one u know! the blue black is still here!!! :(

-JayLeo™- said...

still there? It should be gone by now. Apply something la, ms.pharmacist!!

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