Saturday, September 04, 2010

Miss Selangor?? Me? Maybe....NOT :P

Hi all!!

I'm Wen Yi, born in KL in 1986 but raised in Klang, Selangor since I was 5!!

Right now, TourismSelangor is offering a FANTASTIC contest [official website] whereby 30 lucky finalists could get the chance to go on an all expenses paid trip to DISCOVER SELANGOR!! *woots* And here I am trying my very best to be Miss Selangor I mean the TOP 30 Finalists! LOL :P

Before start blabbing about why I should be picked, I think it is only fair if you know a little more about me :)


I was a happy child in pre-school, whereby I performed in both my two years in kindergarten.

But somehow my graduation picture when I was 6 came out like this. LOL. Read more about my birth and pre-school here :)

Ever since I was a kid, my parents have brought me traveling around Malaysia. In fact I have been to every state in Malaysia except for Kelantan, and I have even been to Thailand when I was only 4! That's probably why I have a love for traveling :) [some of short travel stories can be found here and here.]

Fast forward, you get some ugly pictures of myself in primary school [here] and secondary school. LOL.

After SPM, I was off for National Service in Terengganu.

After SPM, I was lucky enough to given a scholarship by JPA, and my path was paved for me all the way till recently, I graduated with a degree in Pharmacy.



That was my 24 years, over-summarized into barely a hundred words, but hey, this post is about Selangor, the best state in Malaysia to me :)

I love Selangor because there's loads to do in this very state!

There's shopping (a lady's favoritism pastime :P)

There are great views to be seen from the little hills all around Selangor. For instace, Broga Hill at Semenyih which I visited recently :)

To me, the beauty of Selangor hit me in the face when I met an guy from Uruguay, called Patas, while back-packing in Taman Negara with my brothers in May 2009 [read it here].

After befriending Patas, he came over to Klang and stayed as a guest in our humble house in Klang for a few days. With the short time that he spent with us, my family and I brought him to, what we thought, are the highlights of Selangor.

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque or more fondly known as
the Blue Mosque, Shah Alam :)
Did you know that the Blue Mosque is the largest in South East Asia?

The next day, we brought Patas to Batu Caves, Gombak :)
Whereby we hiked the whole 272 steps of the cave and was more than happy as it was also my first time visiting the caves :)

And on Patas' last day with us, we brought him to Kuala Selangor for yummy seafood and fireflies :)

After his stay with us, Patas, the gracious guest Thanked us for being his host. But in reality, I was the one who was supposed to thank him. It was because of Patas did I get the chance to become a tourist in my own state.

Let's be honest, how often do you become a tourist in our own state? Not often, right?
It's only when relatives from another state pay a visit do we become "tourists" in our own state.

I know for a fact that there are many more places in Selangor to discover other then those I have mentioned above. Sadly I find it very hard to get 'kakis' to join me in my quest :(

For instance I blogged not too long ago [here] about my wish to visit Kanching Waterfalls in Kanching Forest Reserve, Selangor. But I have yet to go because of the recent outbreak of Leptospirosis :(

So, after all said and done, please vote for me so that

I can become a tourist in my very own state: Selangor :)

Terima Kasih :)

Wen Yi

ps: If I get selected as the top 30 finalists, then maybe I can pose ala Miss Selangor while traveling :P :P


Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah, NS in terengganu? in agro resort setiu?
i hope u get to be in the top 30! i already voted for u! XD

*pour oil*

WenYi said...

haha, nope. Not agro setiu. Mine was the Kuala Berang Camp (not as nice as Setiu camp apparently..haha)

Thanks for voting Danial^^

btw, it's *add* oil la :P

-JayLeo™- said...

gao dim! GOOD LUCK jie!

WenYi said...

thank you didi :D

-JayLeo™- said...

welcome jie! i seriously cant stop holding my laughter when i look at your 6yr old graduation pic ! XD XD XD

Maxloon120 said...

Voted (: (:

Alison said...

very nicely done! I like!

WenYi said...

Thank You Maxloon and Alison for voting^^ I really appreciate it :)

Jayleo didi, yea...i super love that pic coz it's so funny. lol. a lot ppl told me that i look like

a) i am a school bully
b) ppl owe me money
c) i wanna beat up the photographer


~SiMoN~ said...

Voted !!~

seems like this is wat a jobless person does typically.. haha..

Btw, next time, if you plan to organize any trip, pls count me in.. i'd love to explore around too =)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah..paiseh~ XP

-JayLeo™- said...

exactly! school bully! too handsome la ur eyes... too cool for a gal

HenRy LeE ® said...

i didnt know u joined NS... same here! the 86 badge! weeeeee!

WenYi said...

simon: LOL~ what jobless person? I am employed okay, belum start work only :P will be starting really soon though, so maybe not much time to organise trips :(

danial: tak apa la..hehe

jayleo: yea man, i know my eyes are super yeng!! :P

henry: u went NS as well? cool eh being the first batch of NS trainees :D

~SiMoN~ said...

haha.. so have u found out where will u be working? rmbr to update me so tat i know where i should NOT visit if i need help. XD

azuan said...

All the best :) I'm participating as well and hopefully all of us get it!

Sandy Wisata Selangor said...

Waw It's wonderful that has ever keselangor!
be willing?

WenYi said...

Thanks Azuan and Sandy :)

Simon: I will let you know so that i neednt see ur face too :P

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