Thursday, September 30, 2010

A new chapter of my life : Working Life

Today marks

A new chapter,
A new beginning,
A new start,

Regardless how you say it, it's the start of my working life.

Bid farewell to the days whereby I can spend the whole day in front of my lappie and facebook, tweet, blog, or just chat on msn.

Goodbye to the times whereby I can go on long vacations that drag over a span of 4 weeks.

Sayonara to my life as care-free student.

*waves bye bye*

If you guys still don't know what I'll be working as, shame on you :P just joking lah~
I'll be a provisionally registered pharmacist, or PRP for short.

Dear readers, I will like to apologize in advanced as I think I will be extremely busy from now on.


I won't have as much time as before to blog-walk, nor will I even have the time to update my blog, but I will try my best to keep you guys updated :)


Wen Yi :)

p.s: I am really lucky because the nice lady in the hospital let me off half a day today as it was my first day of work, plus she wanted me to give me some time to fill up the paperwork required for the government to process my registration as a PRP :)

In the meantime, don't forget to keep the votes going on for MySelangor Story :)

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The Wanderer said...

Baru first day (or rather 3/4 of the day) sudah post. ;) I'm sure you'll meet lots of people and experience many different kinds of characters along the way :)

Break a leg with your new job! Well not literally :P

WenYi said...

lol. yea...i met quite a number of new faces today. Can't even remember half their names. haha~

i'll be seeing loads of patients, there was even one with half his face covered in bandage today *gory betul*

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