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MySelangor Story| Day 3 - Waterfalls & Fireflies

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*get ready for another long post. lol*
Just in case you missed out what happened the day before click here (Day 2).

The "accident"

As mentioned in Day 2, Resorts World Genting were extremely generous to us and instead of having breakfast at the common buffet area in First World, we got breakfast at the World Club Lounge which has a birds-eye view of the whole outdoor theme park!

But the main highlight during breakfast is not the view or the fantastic spread of breakfast served.

The highlight is the accident which happened during breakfast!!

That's me and Kak Ning with a big hole on her beautiful new pink blouse!

*pic thanks to Spectre using his HTC*

Guess what happened that made me look like this?


*pic thanks to Spectre using his HTC*

P.s did you notice that I CHANGED my shirt??

In fact the "accident" that happened was sooo dramatic that not only Nicole from MsXeroz did a news coverage on it!

*pic thanks to Spectre using his HTC*

Even the manager of the restaurant and a few of his staff came over to ask Me and Kak Ning if we were okay!!!

To be really honest, I still am at a blur as to what happened that morning.

I was really hungry and wanted to get a piece of pancake and as I opened the heavy lid, a candle (which Kak Ning suspects has been misplaced by the waiter right in front of the pancakes) fell over and the wax spilled all over the place!

The wax was burning hot and it got my shirt, my pants, and even slightly burned my legs, and it BURNT that hole on Kak Ning's pretty pink blouse :(

Re-cap of the pink blouse yg berlubang *sorry kak ning*


Chin Swee Caves Temple

Anyways, that's the highlight of the day before we departed from Genting and made our way down hill to Chin Swee Caves Temple.

Haven't heard of Chin Swee Caves Temple?

It's a taoist temple located about 5-10 mins drive down from the peak of Genting Highlands i.e. 4600 ft above sea level. The view there is really scenic, plus it has about the same cooling weather as the peak of Genting. Thus explaining why Genting built a "hotel" there.

A panoramic-view around Chin Swee Temple (taken using Pentax Optio WS80 )

A wide-angle view which is a combi of 2 photos taken using Pentax Optio WS80.

The big pagoda on the left is called the Million Buddha Tower, while the building on the right is the Goh Tong Hall.

The Goh Tong Hall..

There was also a statue of the late Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr) Lim Goh Tong who is the founder of both Genting Highlands and Chin Swee Caves Temple.

Apparently the late Dato had a dream while he was sleeping in the cave, which was then not developed to what you see in the pictures. In his dream, a deity told him that he will make big money if he built a temple. So wah lah, you get Chin Swee Caves Temple!

Once again, we were rushing for time as we had to make it all the way to Kanching Waterfalls in Rawang by lunch time. Thus, I didn't have the time to fully discover what the temple had. I just checked their website and realized that I missed out on a lot of other statues e.g. a beautiful statue of Kuan Yin *sigh* Well, for those who want to see what else there is to be seen in Chin Swee Caves Temple here's their official website.


Kanching Waterfalls

After almost 90mins of having my ass stuck to the seat of the bus, we arrived at Hutan Lipur Kanching! *gyaahh!! super excited*

Just in case you didn't know, I had been wanting to go to Kanching Waterfalls since a few months back!!! But the trip never happened because my friends freaked out thanks to the "kencing tikus" issue. What's the "kencing tikus" or "rat's urine" story? read my post on it here :)

Kanching waterfalls is situated in Rawang, Selangor!

Nearby the entrance was this dude with birds and a beautiful green parrot :)

Kanching Falls are managed by Tourism Selangor.

And what made me want to go to Kanching Falls so desperately is the fact that its a 7 tiered falls! Yes SEVEN!! *super excited!!*

note: click on the picture to enlarge so that you can have a better view of the map of Kanching Falls :)

Once again, I am kinda saddened as we had to rush for time, again *sigh* So we didn't get the time to see all 7-tiers of the falls. We only managed to get to the 3rd tier, or was it the 4th @.@

But anyways, here are some pictures of the falls for you to enjoy :)

Has that gotten you hyped up in going to the falls?

Doesn't the pictures just scream out of for you to go soak yourself in the cooling water??!

I hope it did, because I know for sure that I'll be going BACK to the falls!!!! And when I go, I will make sure I conquer all the 7-tiers of the waterfalls!! *evil laugh*

Directions to go Kanching Waterfalls

  • Follow the road to Kepong and Rawang (E1) for about 20 to 30 minutes
  • Look for brown signs pointing the way to Hutan Lipur Sg. Kanching.
  • See signs for Templers Park and just after the protruding limestock rock on the right.
  • Kanching Park is also on the right but you need to make a U-turn another 1-2 km further down.
  • Go straight until you pass by a Petronas station on the left and stop at the next traffic light in the right lane.
  • A Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet will be on your right side.
  • Make the U-turn and go back on the same road until you see the entry sign for Kanching on the left.
  • It's a quick descent to the entrance parking lot, so be aware.
  • If you miss it, no problem. There is a U-turn up the road after passing the limestone rock. So just repeat the above.

I got the directions here or you can also visit Virtual Malaysia)

But let me warn you first.

A friendly neighborhood advice from Tourism Selangor .

Well, the obvious accidents that they refer too are e.g. accidental deaths in the waterfall *choiiiiiii~~~ touchwood*

But also the dangers of this seemingly adorable monkey!!

ohh...don't let this picture of this cute-monkey-showing-its-little-birdie-while-munching-on-a-piece-of-chip fool you!! They are in fact really fierce and daring especially when they move in a big group. They'll come charging at you to get your food!! *evil laugh* I got a video of them taking a can of Coca-cola but that's not for today. *I will try to upload this in the future*

After a quick lunch at the falls, we then headed to Sabak Bernam, the other end of Selangor!


The "Kampung" Experience

So once again, I had my ass stuck to the seat of the bus for another 3 hours @.@

Why on earth did we travel all the way to Sabak Bernam??

The answer is because we were to be hosted at Dorani Homestay.

Well, although to be really honest, I was kinda bummed up from sitting in the bus for long hours, the feeling immediately went off upon arrival at the homestay village at 4pm.

Once we alighted from the bus, we were greet by the sound of kompangs and even people with bunga mangga!!!

(note: kompang is a traditional malay music instrument, which is usually made of animal skin, and is held by the men shown in the picture below. Bunga Mangga = the cute flower like deco in pink and silver, which is a prop usually used for functions e.g. malay weddings)

The opening act shown by the friendly people in the Sungai Haji Dorani Village warmed my heart :) They even served us some malay delicacies for tea, and even performed a Kuda Kepang Performance for us!

Kuda Kepang is a traditional Malay dance using a 2D piece of wooden/rattan made into the shape of a horse *note the little details painted on the horse? note also the man in blue sitting on the stage? he's the one playing the music for the kuda kepang performance*

After being shown the performance, we the MySelangor Story bloggers were given a chance to learn the dance.

That's KK with the shades on his head, and Victor (my SUPER X4 junior from INTEC) learning a trick or two on how to dance.

What followed later on was another performance called the Barongan Performance.

Barongan is a mystical creature which if I'm not mistaken, is a combination of a tiger and a dog.

I need to point out however, that the sound system was pretty bad, because when the emcee was explaining about Barongan, I couldn't really catch what he mentioned. Not only that I think that there were insufficient information given out on the dances performed e.g. no explanation on what the dance represents.

Nevertheless, Sungai Haji Dorani Homestay is a pretty cool place!

I love the scenery there.

I love this picture which I took. How the scenery of the coconut tree is reflected on the information board :)

As it's a homestay it means that the bloggers will be staying with "surrogate" parents for the night. I was lucky enought to get to spend the night with Denise (my sweet buddy), Nicole (or more fondly known as the famous MsXeroz in her blog. I learned that night that she's my "sampat" buddy for the trip :P) and Dania (a great blogger with a great smile!).

Upon arrival to the house, we immediately plopped ourselves down in the living room, where we got Mak Cik Haliwati to teach us how to make a ketupat!

Mak Cik Haliwati our "sifu"

After trying for 2 hours, yes TWO HOURS, I finally made these three babies!! Of course with the help from my sifu in tidying up the loose ends :P

A panoramic view of the living room of the house I stayed in (taken using Pentax Optio WS80 )

A panoramic view of the bathroom.(taken using Pentax Optio WS80 )

And just to prove how "kampung" the place is, guess what I saw in our bedroom??


p.s to non-malaysians: Keluang Man is Malaysia's own version of, well, Batman! LOL!



p.s to non-malaysians: CicakMan is Malaysia's own version of, you guess it, Spiderman! (Cicak = Lizard)

No lah~

I saw a creature with MANY MANY legs!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng~







A millipede!

Details of Kampung Dorani Homestay can be found in the blog. Other than the giving out performances, they also organize many other activities e.g. making and flying or own traditional malay kite: Wau, fishing, trips to the paddy fields, cockle-finding, and many other activities :)



At 8pm we departed from the village to another village in Kuala Selangor to catch see fireflies! (please don't catch the fireflies, okay? They are already going extinct so we must do our best to preserve them. Plus you'll get fined up to RM1000 if you are caught catching a firefly!!)

At 9pm (after another hour in the bus...*sigh* yes, today was a day whereby more than 6 hours was spent on board!!) we arrived at the Kampung Kuantan Firefly Park, Kuala Selangor! (I am kinda bad in giving directions so here's a link to Virtual Malaysia to guide you)

Alrights, it was kinda hard to snap pictures of the fireflies, not only because there is a strict "no flash" policy.

No..I don't mean this kind of flashing :P

But because the light emitted by these tiny little firelies are too dim to be captured using digital cameras. The best way to see these little creatures is to take a boat ride, which costs RM40 for a boat that can accommodate up to 4 people i.e. RM10/pax :)

I caught this picture of a cute angmoh boy sleeping while waiting for my boat ride :)

After the boat ride, we headed to the mini-theater (Panggung-mini) for a free introductory video about fireflies :)

After that, we adjourned to Tanjung Karang for a taste of the infamous satay: Satay Hut

They sell super-large or XL satay sticks which are about DOUBLE of the standard satay you get in KL for RM1.10, which is well-worth your money as they are generous in the portion of meat given.

This picture below is the standard sized satay which is served in Satay Hut.

The taste of the meat is different from the standard satay I've tried as the meat is marinade with herbs. There are a few herbs used, but I could only tell the taste of lemongrass, which made it really appetizing!

Another plus point about the satay would be the fact that it isn't too sweet e.g. Satay Kajang = too sweet. P.s: it's unhealthy to consume too much sugar! *plz take this health advise from a learning-pharmacist :P*

So that's all for Day 3 of the MySelangor Story adventure.

By now, you should know that I end my posts with my signature pose :)

*especially for you Jeje^^V

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Stay tuned for Day 4 tomorrow!


Wen Yi

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azuan said...

I love your signature post.. must think of one post for myself after this! hahaha

So did you get any feddback yet from Genting after the incident with Kak Ning?

WenYi said...

haha, thanks azuan! yea, you should get one for urself, maybe u posing with a rocker-style! lol~

nope, i didnt get any feedback frm genting. don't think i will coz i told them i was fine. But hopefully kak ning got some feedback :)

The Wanderer said...

Wahahahaahah!!! I can't help but smile reading through your post. It's just hilarious or maybe it's the way you write it. Of all things..Kluangman (tho I am guilty for watching it religiously back then).

Now we know the real story behind the wax incident. You have fed my curious cat :)

WenYi said...

lol...kluangman was the funniest story that I think Malaysia has came up with. Ciplak to the max!!

haha, glad that i fed ur curious cat, hope it didn't die on you :P

Jeje said...

(o^^o) Hihi Thank you a lot :p
I hope Kawing won't see that otherwise she'll feel jealous hahaha
Thanks a lot~~
I'm a big fan :D

WenYi said...


haha, tell kawing that the heart is for her as well so that she won't be jealous. hehe...

thanks for supporting me! it really means a lot to me! hehe :D

Jeje said...

hahaha you're welcome!!!
I'm lowering non-stop your opponents by giving them the lowest mark :p And it works pretty well!!!

On your picture, are you sure of the meaning? ;)

WenYi said...

hmmm...the meaning?

I thought Jetaime means I love you? So it should be the same as sarangheyo, no?? hehe~ correct me if i'm wrong.

hahahaha....*shhhhh* don't say that out loud jeje, my oponents might do the same to me >.<

Jeje said...

Yeah that's right!!!
"Je t'aime" means I love you.
That's why i was surprised at first because you wrote it and added a comment saying is for me hahaha.
In France, we're using it for lovers or family mostly. We seldom use it for friends actually (or in a different way) because it means a looot (at least for me :p).
So thank you a lot for that! It goes in my heart ;)

I apologized TT, i won't tell my secrets anymore to make you win :p

~SiMoN~ said...

ah-ha.. your post is getting more & more lively. bravo bravo !

& u really put so many photos WITHOUT you in there.. hahaha.. hmmm.. mayb i was wrong, u shud include urself in the photos :p

WenYi said...

jerome: owh. wonder you're asking me if i know the meaning. hehe..awwww, i'm glad you received it^^ btw, come to malaysia, i'll bring you to all the places I mentioned!! hehe~

simon: lol..more lively eh? yay!! See, i told you, weneism is my blog ma, must hv more of my pics >.< but "gam ngam" that day i didn't take many pics of myself. Day 4 one will be packed with my face, dont worry >.<

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