Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nuffnang Contest | Are You Moist Enough?

Are you moist enough?

That's the question that Vaseline begs you to ask yourself.

So I sat there pondering.

I was trying hard to the answer to the question, but the first thing that came to my mind when the word "moist" is mentioned is..


a MOIST chocolate cake! lol...

Well, the thing is it's probably simpler to imagine the skin as the chocolate cake. If it isn't moist enough, the cake will be too dry, and thus less delicious or worse still, the cake becomes rock hard! So, the same thing applies to our skin. If the skin is well-moisturized we'll have smooth glowing skin that looks absolutely yummy! *slurps*

Okay, I just crapped that bit out, I'm actually kinda craving for desserts after having home-cooked dinner at home. lol. I guess that's because I have been overly pampered with unlimited buffet style meals over the past 5 nights while on the MySelangor Story contest >.< p.s: updates on the MySelangor Story contest will begin tmr, so stay tuned^^

Back to the question,

"Are You Moist Enough?"

I can bravely say YES, I am :)

If you guys still aren't aware, I was studying overseas in Scotland, UK over the past year. Over there, I used Vaseline Aloe Vera every single day without fail after my hot showers :) And thanks to Vaseline, I managed to keep my skin looking like this even while I travel!

This is a picture of me while traveling in Lisbon. My legs are shiny not because I waxed them, but because I use Vaseline body lotion, especially on my legs because they are the parts of my body that shows the first sign of skin dryness.

Well, unfortunately for my brother, he has to say a BIG FAT NO to that question because

Ekkk...dry elbow!!!

Yes...my brothers are the typical guy who doesn't really care about their skin i.e. he doesn't use a moisturizer like I do. So I took the opportunity to get him to use Vaseline! *evil laugh*

So I went off to get a new bottle of vaseline Total Moisture for Dry Skin like my brother.

But of course, before my brother gets to use it I tried it on myself first :P

The consistency is just nice, not too thick that it's hard to apply, nor too liquid till it will mess up the whole place. Plus it seems really really nice!!

After I tried, I got my bro to use the lotion, and guess what? He likes it too :)

That's me and my bro :) Doesn't he look moist enough already? :P

And one more, I seriously love Vaseline.
Not only their body lotion for keeping the skin moist, but also their lip balm!

My first lip balm from vaseline is the aloe vera one, in green, then after I finished it, I got the red one which gives my lips a tinge of redness while keeping them moist-oh-so-kissable :P

And as an end, I believe that once you have great skin, you'll have the courage to flaunt what you have :)


Wen Yi

p.s - Thanks to Nuffnang and Vaseline for organizing this contest.

Nuffnang is giving out 75 pair of invites to the 75 best-written posts, to

A celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline in Luna Bar on the 2nd of October (this saturday!)

For those who still want to join, do join ASAP because the closing date is on the 30th of September 2010 :) *good luck to you and me*


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Wuah u have nice legs~~~~

WenYi said...

haha...thanks nicole >.< ur post is super funny!!

-JayLeo™- said...

lucky gal ! and nice LAST pic =p

WenYi said...

lol. i love my last pic too >.< but ur jie got no readers, no one "kap" the last pic >.<

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