Tuesday, November 02, 2010

PRP Battle No.1

I know I haven't been blogging for a looooong time, my apologies. I guess I was kinda pre-occupied with the fact that I started work and a new relationship at about the same time. So half the time goes to my work as a PRP. To those who masih tak tahu..PRP stands for provisionally registered pharmacist or to make it simpler, I'm sort of like a house-man pharmacist i.e. first year pharmacist who is still in the learning to become a licensed pharmacist :D

So, what are the perks of being a government servant?

Well other than the fact that we have a stable income, we do? I haven't gotten paid yet, but hey, that's because I've only been working for a month. In fact I just handed in my first punch card for the month of October yesterday! *wheeeeee*

Other than that, I get to use the special toilets with the sign.And these toilets are almost always cleaner than the public ones where patients use :P

FYI, this is the current building which I am based in : Komplex Rawatan Harian.

It's one of the newer buildings in HTAR and it's fully air-conditioned! *whee*
Since it's a new building, so are the wards which are located there :D

Okay. So that above shows that my working life isn't all that bad :)

But bad news is this,


It's called the Forensic Exam whereby we have to study two or was it three books that covers the Laws on Poisons and Sale of Drugs in Malaysia. Boring stuff indeed. To make matters worse, apparently the passing mark is 50%

But thankfully, we're allowed to resit the paper :P

So to fellow PRPs who'd be sitting the exam on 22nd of November 2010


Here's an online link which I found for a zip file which contains:
- past year papers on the forensic exam
- some notes from the MPS and Biro Tutorial
- several slides on certain topics

So do download it here :)

And yes, it's free of virus. I downloaded the zip file, scanned it and have just browsed through some of the files :)

I guess I'll have to start morphing into a nerd so that I'll have time to enjoy my weekends with the boyfriend.

Wen Yi

p.s. I totally forgotten the fact that I actually have another pending job = PRP research project which I am supposed to come up with a proposal by the 3rd week of November. Meh.

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The Wanderer said...

Gotta make sure you swallow the entire list of drugs available.

Wouldn't want someone like Elvis finding one's way to get hold of medications simply by faking the symptoms (because he had a complete book of every drug available during that time).

Gooood luck making the books into soup :)

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