Monday, March 14, 2011

the hospital life

Hello bloggie,

I know I haven't blogged in ages. Once again it's due to my procrastination and added up with the lack of things to blog about.

But this time around I have something to share.

As you all know I'm working as a pharmacist in a government hospital.
Prior to being attached to the hospital ward, I dreaded it a LOT.

Two weeks down the line, post-medical ward, I think I'm starting to like ward.
Like, not because I get to see loads of sick people. But like because there's so much to learn and see there.

For instance, I saw how a doctor told family members straight to their face that their loved one is going to pass away. You know that in movies, doctors are portrayed to be emphatic and break the news in a nice way, this one didn't. It was a plain fact spoken plainly:

"Dia sudah tak boleh hidup lama. Pakai ubat-ubat pun tak ada guna sebab semua organ dia sudah rosak, sangat menderita punya. Hidup pun akan susah."

The doctor left and family members started coming into ward to say their final goodbyes with teary eyed.

I personally think that the news could have been broken in a softer manner, but the fact still remains that death is something that everyone goes thru. That's a fact of life.

Passing of lives happen a lot in the hospital.

The hospital term for these patients are : expired.

Yes, when patients expire, it means they died in ward.

Never would I thought that I'll end up in a hospital whereby patients come and go every few days (if they're lucky). Thank goodness i'm not a doctor. They see way more death than I do. I don't think anyone in the right mind can actually stand seeing so much death in their life.

Then there are touching stories whereby an old chinese aunty accompanied her ill husband in the hospital. When the nurses served her husband meal, she eats her home-cooked food brought in her own metal container. You can always observe a few couples like that in the hospital. A malay pakcik sitting next to his wife all day, keeping her company. Though they don't seem to talk to each other much, at least they have each others' company. Seeing such couples make me happy, because they show that love is indeed a great gift. They are living examples of the marriage vow:

through thick or thin, till death do us part

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