Saturday, March 26, 2011 blog is 5 years old??? blog is officially 5 years old!

This was my first post ever! [here]

It has stood the test of time, witnessed my growing up as a kid in college till today, my life as a working adult.

It has seen the changes that happened to me, from me shoulder-length straightened hair, to brown curls, to untamed hair, to short hair, and now back to straightened hair.

It has seen me through my previous love relationships.

It has been my source of ramblings, from me getting angry, sad and through my happiness.

It has changed with me from the first day i started blogging
from love, life and happiness
to peas on the run
to peas in scotland
to wene-ism.

Thank You for being with me my dear not-so-private bloggie :)



~SiMoN~ said...

jz drop by to help u sweep away the dust collected..

Michael said...

hey wen-yi!

That's a great feat! Congratulations!

Hope to see you still blogging after... 10 more years? LOL

Take care!

Show Me Your Look Today said...

5yrs ! lol.. i tink same to mine.. >< bt i owez renew.. =.= does it account? haha

James said...

Dear WenYi,

It's been so long since I've been on your blog. Recently, I remarried my wife in the Catholic Church in the Philippines just a week ago, and now I've started writing again on my blog "Poems from the Heart". I hope you can find time to stop by..

Take care,

James -

Anonymous said...

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