Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ethics =(

I jz had my ethics finals yesterday and i can talk non-stop about everything connected to ethics.
Starting from the teacher herself.

She's an ustaza, someone's who's very VERY religious. My class jz got her this semester. Previously, the other lecturers(who were malay too) were really nice and open-minded to discussion. But this lecturer...*sigh* u cant imagine how much our ears suffered during her class. Although very FEW ppl are listening in her class, she would still sit in front n talk non-stop about some Islamic topic we were supposed to cover. The previous lecturers never did that, they would usually jz discuss a few things and leave the class EARLY.
A good way of putting it, is that she utilises her time to the maximum..Which unfortunately doesnt make students like me very happy. We rather hv a fun n condusive class which ends EARLY. =P

Well, talking about her not being open-minded. I hv this rather good example. One of the groups in our class were presenting on a topic connected to boy-girl relationships. (BGR) So a one of my classmates ask about Islam's point of view about BGR. So she started saying 'BOLEH....sudah tentu TIDAK boleh."
NOW, that caught our ears.
She continued,"Seorang perempuan tidak harus berdua-duan dgn seorang lelaki kecuali ianya berbincang pasal studies @business"
'WHY?" we asked.
"Ini adalah utk mengelakkan drp mereka yg berdua-duan melakukan perkara yg tidak diingini. Utk mengelakkan mrk drp mendpt godaan syaitan."
"Kalaulah lelaki dan perempuan hendak bersama kawan2 lain haruslah ikut bersama."
Most of us went like ~Oh....ok?~
Its pretty obvious we didnt buy her story. A few of us even had this silly look of trying not to laugh out loud in class. Hahaha..=)

NOt only that, all my previous lecturers would give tips on what's coming out for the finals, but SHE obviously DIDN'T. So, we had to go through the whole set of notes she gave. I studied n studied, but i didnt realy absorb anything cause the topics were rather uninteresting. The only interesting topics to me were
Polygamy and Divorce. BUT...that didnt even appear in the paper*sigh*
In the end, I didnt even know how to answer most of the objective questions. Then for the essay section..i talked crap most of the time. Both to make the essay look long and also to kill time. 2hours for an ethics paper is too long. So obviously i had lots of time to crap in the essay part. Hahaha...

Conclusion, learning ethics have not made me more ethical.

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