Sunday, April 23, 2006


ReVaMPeD with LoTs oF SwEaT n StReSS

Whew! i Finally managed to put a new skin to my blog. After a many hours sitting like a brainless girl in front of the screen. -_-"
Before i start babbling about how bad things got. Lemme tell u the reason i had this suddenly spur of mind to "update" the looks of my blog.

Now, i hv this cousin sister who's younger than me. She's really cute n has this incredibly super straight hair w/o having to rebond it. Ok, that's out of topic a little. Main point is that she has a blog too. Wait..she has a FEW blogs. And on Fri night i chatted with her n checked out her blog. The moment i went in, i was in awe!
It was really cool n all with this big BonJOvi pic at the side.
Well, mayb its bcoz i seldom read ppl's blog so i dont really know how good other ppl's blog were. And i all this while i was thinking my blog was OK. So now, i felt erm...left out? inferior? silly? hmmm...lots of mixed-up feelings.
That night, i had this incredible urge to revamp my blog. With the few websites my cousin introduced, I set on a mission the very next morning. Considering my zero% info in html it looked almost impossible. But that didnt stop me at all.
Firstly i got my tagboard which is a lot more convenient than posting a comment. Then i visited blogskins to get my skin. At first sight, i loved this skin. Its so nice n simple =)
So i decided to use it. After reading the "tutorials" i thought i was well equipped. And so from the preview i saw, i thought the blog was complete.
BUT, when i tried to republish my blog. It failed. It kept saying 0%republished. I was hysterical. Freaked out, Stressed...Oh..the horror. My blog was then a terrible error.
So, with the advise of XianFeng(my pet bro frm sg) i got a new skin, which was cute with lots of kitty cats around XD i love cats =) But then, the space for the post was super small and so i didnt find it that attractive. By then, i realised that i had to switch OFF my firewall to republish my blog. If not it would take ages. @.@
It was that simple.
So i used this skin again.
I started from scrap and slowly editted everything again.-_-" n since i'm a little "blur" it took me many many hours. Then was the horror of failing to republish my blog. Thankfully everything went fine n
HEY! ITs a wHoLe NeW LoOk!
Yeah! its nice aint it. But it has a few cons. It doesnt hv an archieve where i can keep track of the number of posts i hv. Plus, its a little too small. It only covers less than 1/2 the computer screen *sigh* BUT i'm in no mood to change the skin anymore. It takes up too much time.
I'm supposed to study back home. And instead i was blogging. Which caused my bf to scold me for not studying *sobs*
Well, at least i learnt something.
1. Switch OFF the firewall when republishing my blog
2. How to paste n edit html

SO, its a lesson well learnt. Dont u agree?
Btw, if ur reading leave some comments ya =) Thanks^^

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