Sunday, April 30, 2006



Now, does IT means anything to you? Does IT ring a bell? NO?
Well, how about if i mention a clown called IT?
Remember the scary clown?
The one with razor-sharp teeth?
I think most of u all do. But jz in case u dont recall. LOOK!

p.s - see the 15+ sign? the vcd we bought was labelled as U-untuk tontonan UMUM! Bcoz of the incompetence to the msian censorship board, innocent kids like me had terrifying nightmares *sobs*

Well, jz the other day, I was in OneUtama window shopping with my family n my bf. Then, we bumped into the VCD for IT!
At first i thought only my bro n i would know the movie. But to my surprise even my bf knows about IT. Hahaha=) Actually even a sec school friend of mine knows the movie. Then my bro said most of his friends have watched the movie too! So i came out with the conclusion that most ppl around my age hv watched IT!
coz it was screened on TV1 or was it TV2? not once, but several times! And since back then astro wasnt even around, most kids only watched tv1 n tv2. Hahaha...nostalgic isnt it? The days when we didnt even hv cartoon network or mtv or espn..etc
In the end, after a short debate. I succesfully got my bf to buy the movie. Its quite cheap actually, only rm24.90 for 4 discs. And its original too =)

Before we watched the movie. We can remember only the horrifying parts like in death in the bathroom. Or the blood splurting out of the sink?
yup..all the scary scenes were ethed into out memories.
I remember my bro was so scared after watching the movie that he didnt dare to go into the toilet alone again. Well, of course he goes in with my other bro, not me...( what were u thinking? =p)
In fact i think that many kids are afraid of clown bcoz of that movie. Even i at one point had phobia towards clowns. Those scary white-painted faces. The movie really gave clown worldwide a bad BAD name. Haha XD. Well, even now movies play a big role. Like my friend who didnt dare to visit Genting's theme park after watching Final Destination 3.

Anyways, after watching the movie, we 'cured' ourselves! Hahha...jz kidding. Watching the movie is really good. It brings back childhood memories. Maybe its because we're older and we know that its not real.. But jz think about this, when we were younger, scary things tend to stick into our mind. i watched 'IT' maybe about 10 or 12 years ago when i was only 9/10... yet i can still remember. My bro has better memory. He even remembers who dies first. Haha=) well, its rather a sweet memory. Me n my two bros as kids sitting in front of the tv watching a horror movie. i remember my mum watching the movie with us, but when we re-watched the movie, she said she has no recollection what-so-ever. Yup, she's getting really old..poor mummy..But she's still my beloved mummy anyways=)

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