Monday, May 01, 2006


InTiMiDaTeD but not DefeateD

Heck. Eversince i got my blog my bro has been telling me how fantastic other ppls blog were. He kept telling me to write a bimbo blog. And i was like wa??
Wat the heck is a bimbo blog anyways??
And so my kind bro asked me to visit kenny sia's blog, which i obediently did. Aint i a good sis XD? In KS (writing the name over n over again is tiring), my bro showed me a hilarious post. And yup, it was definately entertaining. Next up my bro showed me KS's posts about bimbo blogs. Well, after reading that i finally know what a bimbo blog is.
At first i thought bimbo blogs were blogs of paris hilton-like girls. Eg acting silly girly, cute, party lovers, etc.. And yup, its true they are like that. BUT, they get sponsors! I checked a bimbo blog which Ks introduced, and wow. She has lots of sponsors.
Well, u can't blame them. She n her kind( i mean those bimbo girls) are pretty. But who am i to say they are bimbos. i dunno, its bcoz everyone says it is so duh, it is a bimbo blog. i didnt label them as one in the first place.
Anyways, back to topic. My bro kept saying u should write a bimbo blog, Then u can get lots of free stuff n bla bla bla..
Well, i'll b more than happy to get freebies anytime of the day, BUT

1. i am not pretty
Do u hv any idea how pretty those girls are WITh make-up?
i dont even know how to make-up! (i'm a fail being a decent girl, i saddens me too)

2. I do not go partying.
i have always liked the thought of going to a club since form 5, But....My parents don't really allow me to go. And so i thought when my bros hit 18 they can bring me out. But unfortunately that never happened either, and i doubt it will anytime soon. And, with my bf now..the more reasons for me not to visit one.

3. i hv no talent on writing bimbo-blogs.
BImbo blogs hv loads of pretty pics lying around the whole blog. And since they are really pretty, its eye candy ie male fans n supporters. Duh, and the 1st reasons explains it all doesnt it?

Well, enough of my sulking. my inability to write a bimbo blog might actually b a good thing. If i really get started on writing a bimbo blog.......
nah..i dont think it'll EVER happen

at least not now =)

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