Tuesday, April 25, 2006

lazy me

i'M LaZy
Yup, i'm so lazy. After missing chemistry for about a week, i still fell asleep in class -_-"
Now dont get me wrong, i did not skip classes for a week-lah.. My chem lecturer fell sick and had to be hospitalized. Poor lady. Her health condition is really bad. Maybe bcoz she's a triplet?? (triplets! really rare huh? To make matters even more interesting, she and her elder sis both are CHEMISTRY lecturers, and BOTH of them teach in the same school. Her younger sis is working someplace else..And Once my friends and i even got the chance to see the Trio together!..cool huh? They are almost exact copies of one another. Minus the fact that my chem lecturer is the thinner one. wait..most thin among the 3 =) yay, i still remember my grammar!
Okie, back to topic. I was supposed to copy down answers for the past year papers. Yet i didnt, partly due to the fact that i hv already copied them! haha XD
But when she started explaining..wham..my eyes closed themselves automatically.
Its an uncurable disease of mine.
Hehe..i'm supposed to be doing maths or studying some chem or bio. Yet i'm in the comp lab with my bf. Blogging -_-" while my bf?? obviously reading some online manga. HeheXD
Anyways, i think i keep mentioning i hv to study..
so i guess that makes me half a nerd.

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