Friday, May 05, 2006

MoRe StuDyiNG To Do -_-"

this whole week has been clearly UNproductive. I'm too lazy to pick up my book to study. Well, of course i do study. But my studying rate can be compared to that of a snail. Yup, that's how slow i go...
why rush? Hahaha XD

Sheesh..something's wrong with the keyboard again.
I can't seem to click on the 'enter' tag. blah..gotta re-edit again. Taking away my time for studies though its not like i accomplish anything with a measly 10min? (finally re-editted it) life now clearly revolves around studying ONLY. I'm such a nerd.
The latest entertainment i had was watching MI3 in midvalley. Hahaha=) My bf is so sweet. He brought me to watch the movie=) he knows i love going out a LOT! And, we watched MI3 for only rm6! Muahahha XD
its basically bcoz we went early. The movie was screened at 11am. So every show b4 12 is only rm6. And i had the guts to ask the fella whether i can use my student id! Haha...i bet he was thinking that i'm such a 'kedekut' girl. Its already so cheap yet i dare to ask for another rm2 off. (yup, student IDs can get you rm2 off! )
yeah..the early bird gets cheap tickets! not to mention no queue!

Other than being bored to death by studying only, i can say that i'm fine...i guess..
Wait, highlight of the week - i launched a cold-war against my roomie.
I dunno why..i jz got so pissed-off at her all of a sudden. Well, mayb its bcoz she called me a 'siu-lei-yan' a mcd last week.(its in cantonese and i think i got the 'han-yi-pin-yin' wrong too)
When she scolded me that day, it didnt hit me. In fact i was so innocent. I didnt feel any anger or frustration. But after much thought, I realised that what she said can be considered as a verbal attack against my ego. Its not like my ego is worth a lot, but duh, i guess its time for me to stand up for myself.
I seldom get angry at ppl. Its been a rather long time since i had a major outbrust. For now i'm jz giving her the cold shoulder.
But duh, she doesnt even know y i'm mad. She jz thinks its my problem. Well, i understand her rather well that i can guess what's going in her head.

" i didnt even do anything wrong. So why should i care?"

Yup, that might be what's running in her head. Wait...maybe she's to oblivious she doesnt even think about it. She jz ignores.
Haih..i guess i'm rather mean. It sounds like i'm back-stabbing her. So that makes me a meanie after-all...gotta delete this post soon. But then again, its not like she's gonna read this anyway..

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