Friday, May 19, 2006

Let's Get Started!

WeekLy UpdateS =)

Mon :
Fell sick jz b4 my 1st A-lvl paper(w1) and amazingly panadol activ fast really works! mayb its bcoz its been SO long since i ate panadol. Unlike my bf who takes them EVERYTIME he has a headache -_-"

W1 Paper was a total shock!
Based on the past year papers we have, my roomie and i (yup, i apologised to her BUT she didnt..oh well, she's like that..that's jz her) and MANY other students had speculated that ENZYMES were going to come out.
BUT, it didnt.
INstead, Breathing Rate came out.
1st thought "Sh*t"
2nd thought, there is none.
Hahaha..cause i was busy doing the first question. And, there were some "new" questions asked. Which obviously means i crapped a LOT. Basically, the whole paper was filled with my ugly hand writing and loads of crap.

Bored to death. Should hv been studying for chem practical BUT i didnt. Jz sat in the room and slept quite a bit.

Ate mamee duck noodles after a LONG time. I prepared it NS-style, ie pouring HOT water directly on noodles, leave for a few minutes and there ---->a bowl of DUCk noodles for u=)
Bowel action was OUT the whole day. U know the type where u go to the loo with the intention to do "business" but ntg comes out?? That's the one.
That night, i was pretty upset. Bad temper and all. Probably cause my bf had confirmed he's going to Czech??
I went for dinner with my bf at WiraSejati, and i was rather hungry and grumpy..yet NO one came n took my order.
so i shot a look at the waiter.. eye contact was achieved for a second, then i turned away, thinking he got the msg to come take my order. AND he had the guts to go get a drink!
Angry me raised a hand and there the HE came walking slowly...
Obviously it was loud enough, yet after he took my bf's drink he pointed at me and asked,
"minum apa?"
Annoyed, i had to repeat my order.
LAter that night, slept early for my LAB the next day.

Chemistry Practical 3A. Well, since its the 2nd day of the practicals. I had already know the questions..roughly. If the compounds was not changed i would hv known the answers for the whole paper. XD
The test itself was fine. BUT we had to be quarantined for an extra 2.5 hours after that! WE had to wait for those students in the 2nd session to finish up before we can be relased. (sounds like we're sick or something, huh? plus we cannot use our mobile phone..-_-")
And i had initially thought that my quarantine time would only b 1/2 and hour ONLY.
So, i didnt bring any food, which made me HUNGRY.(thankfully JJ had a bun, which i ate XD)
Then, i didnt bring any books or materials to was a total waste of my whole morning.
Worse still, by the time we were released (1.15pm) no INTEC busses were available.(praying hours -_-") So ----> took the Mini Bus back.
Ate lunch--> nap -->went swimming with parents-->dinner-->home--->blogging!

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