Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yeah! New Skin!!

i got a new skin for my blog! Hehe^^
Isnt it nice?? Oh..luckily it didnt take me too long to do the whole thing last night. Did it right after i blogged last night XD
i know that i have said i wouldnt hv the time to change the skin, at least not until July,
i was too lazy to do any studying, so..i sat in front of the computer doing this.
bcoz, changing blogskin = self-satisfaction
which leads to ---> being happy
---> good night's rest.

And also, i am so-so proud to say that i have improved my own record time of changing the blogskin.
1st time = half a day
2nd time = 2+ hours, mayb +++
Hahaha XD
But still, there's no comment section -_-"
Oh well...

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