Sunday, July 02, 2006

Over with A levels..what's next?

Finally done with me A-levels..have been studying it for the past 2YEARS!
Imagine...TWO of my precious years jz to get an Alvl cert.. -_-"
Well, to be honest..the two years spent in INTEC weren't that bad. Life do get boring at times..but its like that..i've gotten used to it.
TWo years spent with my amazing roomates, housemates, classmates, collegemates...hehehe..anyways..all are my lovely friends nonetheless..
Lemme see..many things happened in two years...i changed a little..
1. i was single but now i'm not
2. i had short i hv long hair(not that long..but its the longest length i ever had! serious!)
3.....ermm? ermm...?
can't think of any other stuff... -_-"

Now that i'm over n done with a levels..what's next?
hehe..hopefully i get good results n get a placing in IMU next year..gonna do pharmacy..
but in the mean time..i wanna get a job..i found one..i even went for an interview already...back then it sounded like i had got the job...but now..hmm...nvm...
what job? i dunno...some intern for a financial company..
why this job? cause i wanna learn how to manage my money so i can more out of it..
but then its not like i hv a lot of money to start with...-_-"
haih..if i'm gonna go to work..i need to get some formal wear really soon, cause i don't have any...the only thing formal i hv is my baju kurung..and ONE blouse..NO slacks or formal skirts..the rest of my wardrobe is filled with casual wear..

oh...anyways..hv been rather lazy back home...didnt do much...went muar and kluang recently..ate a lot..cause there's nothing much to do there, other than eating..hmm...i wanna put some pics..but its not with me for now...nvmla..i'll udpload it sometime later when i get the pics =) i come!! its a marathon to cover all the anime i've missed during my exams!!!!!

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