Friday, July 28, 2006

2weeks away from home

Its been quite some time since i blogged..
In fact, i think it has almost been 2 weeks..
4days 2nights for the tioman trip
then from 19th till 27th i was touring(almost the whole)sarawak =)

let's start from the tioman trip
The accomodation there is pretty erm..basic i would say. But other than that, the food was ok(no one got diarrhoea after taking the meals on the 2 nights) and the places we went to were pretty beautiful =)

Sarawak was really nice =)
my trip there can be summed up as
KL --> Kuching --> Sibu --> Miri --> KL

I got AirAsia tickets which were on promotion, so the air tickets only costs rm120, inclusive of taxes. And the flight back to KL from miri was using an airbus! Hehe =) actually, i cant really tell the difference btw a normal plane n an airbus. I only know that an airbus' interior is newer. And erm..there are white scented gases flowing out, which makes the plane smell so much better =)

Oh..i'm so tired..wanna sleep..
And jz now i went out to meet up with Suzy ( my housemate in INTEC who by now is on the way to Bangalore,India) She's a really cute girl =) i can still remember how soft spoken she was when i first met her. I had to get her repeat her words almost everytime. Thankfully by the end of her 1 and a half yrs in INTEC, she spoke in a higher dB but still some other ppl can't catch what she's saying. HAhahaa XD
Also, she's a really good cook. Mastered her already fantastic cooking skills by cooking for PY n me =) Hoohohoo....

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