Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another day..

I woke up this morning with a slight backache. Most probably cause I spent lots of time sweeping n mopping the whole 1st floor of my house yesterday. Then helped out around the house by doing some simple chores. I changed bedsheets for two of my brothers, sent those dirty linens for washing, hung them, and then sent in a 2nd batch of clothes for washing. -_-" yup..we have lots of clothes.
Then i took a break while reading the papers. Next up, i cleaned my room a little. It was all so messy after i unpacked my stuff. As I cleared my desk, i saw an envelope. And inside was...a letter of course! duh..

And guess what! I won a hamper! Woohooo! Its a hamper with rm101 worth of nivea products! Hehe..i havent collected it yet cause u can only collect it during office hours on weekdays,..too bad. Cant wait to get my hamper. Come to mama!! Hehehe =)

Anyways, i then went out with my sec school frens to meet my senior who jz got back from the states. Man...she's still as pretty as usual. I really like her hair..fine smooth brownish baby hair. Wish mine were like that. Unfortunately it isnt. Mine was labelled "course n thick" by some student in the A cut above academy, when i went for the rm10 cut+wash thingy. Even loads of conditioner doesnt help my hair -_-"
When i got home, my mum asked me to help her type some exam questions, which i reluctantly had to do. Typing words is not a porblem to me. But she asked me to draw complicated diagrams related to physics. I mean like those electrical circuits with those "perintang" and all. -_-'' I was so pissed off. I drew ugly pics which were out of proportion, and somehow i messed her whole exam questions. So i gave up and decided to de-stress by watching some taiwan drama which i bought while visitin Sibu.

BUT, the darn hdvd didnt perform its duties! There was no sound! At first i thought maybe it was because i didnt set the sound surround properly...played the hdvd sound!
Then i tried a normal dvd, wham! The sound blasted out so loudly cause i had set it to the loudest volume. I was then left feeling utterly depressed and upset and practically cursing my dvd player. Actually my dvd player is rather good i would say. It can actually play avi format, which means i can watch dvds intended for computers only with that dvd player. BUT, why oh why cant it play some china dvd...

So, i thought maybe my computer could play the darn dvd. Once the computer read it, it said the dvd has some error la, bla bla bla..cannot perform la..and some whole lots of crap which in the end means, i still CAN'T play the darn HDVD..-_-"

So much for my plans of watching taiwan drama series. Btw, the series i wanted to play is called "Devil beside you". Its supposed to be some really really nice show. All my frens were so happy when i bought the dvd cause they wanted to watch it again. Oh well...mayb i'll jz have to get some cheap china brand dvd player. Suddenly, it crossed my mind that maybe this is a marketing strategy used by the chinese ppl to get ppl to buy their dvd players...-_-"

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