Friday, July 14, 2006


I'm so blur. I dont even know what i have been doing for the past few days.
It seems that ever since I finished my Alvls, I never really did anything porductive what-so-ever. All i have been doing is tagging along with my dad on his outings to shopping malls in town almost every single day. It tires me sometimes.
For example, yesterday, my dad brought my bf and i out to The Curve. Then, we went to watch "The Pirates of the Carribean". Well, watching the movie is definately enjoyable. Esp since Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are my fav eye-candy on-screen =) They look extremely dashing even though they might look rather erm..dirty on-screen. While Keira...erm...I can only say this, she doesnt look good tanned. In fact, i think many girls can never pull off the tanned look.

Anyways, back to story. The most annoying thing is that we didnt do anything interesting after watching the movie. We walked and walked around. Made loooong stops at bookshops such as popular and mph. Pity we didnt stop by borders, if not i would hv enjoyed myself reading mangas -_-"
Well...its not that bad..but i do like sulking and complaining when i get the chance. sue me! Jz kidding.

Today, i finally learnt how to convert wma files to mp3 files!!!! YEAh!! Cheers to me!
HAhha..i know i'm stupid..can never realy master computer related stuff..
but anyways, i finally downloaded the programme to convert the files. Its actually cause my phone can only support mp3 files. AND i only hv a memory of 40MB. AND its NOT extandable. So duh, i have to convert or minimise my files so i can get more songs. Haha...

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